Semi-Truck Smashed by Passing Train in Dramatic Video Footage


A driver in Versailles, OH was lucky to escape with his life after his semi truck got stuck at a rail crossing and was promptly smashed by a passing train. 

The incident happened the morning of Feb. 7 in the small Ohio town. Video footage shows the truck driving up to the crossing as the gates begin to come down. Although the driver attempted to back up, the crossing gate gets stuck between the truck and its trailer. 

The driver gets out of the cab to try and rectify the situation, but soon sees the oncoming train and runs clear of the area just in time. His truck is subsequently smashed to pieces by the train. 

In a post on Facebook, the EMS service for Versallies explained that nobody was hurt in the incident despite the terrifying footage. Two people were evaluated by paramedics at the scene but released without need for treatment. 

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