Rumer Willis on How Her Family Copes With Bruce’s Dementia Battle


Bruce Willis’ family has maintained a united front in the wake of the 69-year-old actor’s diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia, often providing fans with updates on his condition. And this week, Willis’ eldest daughter Rumer Willis opened up about how much the outpouring of love and support has helped them get through it all.

Willis spoke with Fox News Digital at the premiere of her new comedy, My Divorce Party, at the 24th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival on Wednesday night, telling the outlet: “He’s great. Yeah, yeah, doing OK. Thank you so much for asking.”

“I think, for me, through this experience, what’s been so incredible is my dad is so beloved, and that’s been so evident in the transparency with which we’ve been sharing,” she continued. “And I think if there’s any way sharing our experience brings hope—whatever comes forward as a family—that can have an effect and bring any sort of hope, comfort to someone else experiencing that, then to me, that’s … everything.”

Given that Rumer has followed in her famous parents footsteps, she also shared what she’s picked up from them over the years by visiting them film sets. 

“I feel like what I learned from them was just by watching,” she explained. “I feel like being on set, one of the biggest things I would say, just by proxy, you treat everyone with the same amount of respect, whether you’re in front of the camera, behind the camera, from the littlest job. Like, it doesn’t matter.”

“Everyone is there, and their participation and effort and energy they’re putting in is just as important as what you’re doing,” Willis added.

Rumer, her sisters Scout Willis, and Tallulah Willis, mother Demi Moore, and stepmother Emma Heming Willis, have been transparent with fans since the Die Hard actor first went public with his aphasia diagnosis in 2022.

“Just like you, we simply adore him,” Heming Willis wrote in a tribute to her husband on his 69th birthday back in March, alongside a photo of Willis cradling one of their two daughters as a baby. “What you might not know, but maybe you could imagine, that being wrapped in his arms is the safest place in this whole wide world.”

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