Rivian CEO Gives Inside Look at New R2 and R3 Trucks


Rivian is continuing its growth with new models meant to expand the profile of vehicles available from the electric truck manufacturer. The company debuted its first pickup truck, the R1T, in 2021, followed by its first SUV, the R1S the next year. Now, Rivian is looking forward to the next generation. 

On March 7, Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe revealed three new vehicles joining the family: the R2, the R3, and the R3X. The California event gave attendees an up-close look at the forthcoming options. The R2 SUV is shorter and lower than the current R1S and will begin deliveries in early 2026. Notably, the R2 will be much more financially accessible to the average driver with a base price of $45,000, compared to the nearly $75,000 base price of the R1S. 

When creating the R2, Scaringe explained to Auto Focus that company wanted to maximize comfort without sacrificing what made the R1S great. “We’ve really optimized everything about this for the package, so the first and second row comfort is really high,” he said after the reveal event. He went on to show the new-and-improved trunk, which includes a window that opens if you have long items like a surfboard or skis that need to stick out the back. 

The R3, meanwhile, will bring the cost of entry into the Rivian EV market even lower than the R2, though Scaringe didn’t give details on exact numbers. The R3 is a slightly more compact and sportier-looking electric SUV than the R2 and will be available in the R3X performance-oriented variant. 

“R3 takes the R2 platform [and] shrinks it,” Scaringe told Auto Focus, emphasizing that it was created through a distinctly Rivian lens. “It’s a crossover that is interpreted in every way through how Rivian would look at a crossover.” While it’s able to be used off-road, he pointed out that it’s a true “everyday vehicle.” 

With the Tesla Model Y base price hovering in the mid-$40,000s, the R2, R3, and R3X could very well help Rivian gain a greater foothold in the market in the coming years. 

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