RFK Jr. Discusses Fauci, Vaccines and Big Pharma’s Power


March 21, 2022, Megyn Kelly of “The Megyn Kelly Show” interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his position on vaccines, censorship, the claims made in his best-selling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” the power of Bill Gates and Big Pharma, and the global war on democracy and public health.

Megyn is quite the interviewer and I have never seen anyone push back so hard against Bobby during an interview. She has incredible self-confidence to frequently push back so hard against one of the leading intellects in understanding the sordid truth about what has happened in the global cabal’s intrusion into health care.

The problem is that it is beyond clear that she has largely swallowed the blue pill propaganda of mainstream media, and although she agrees with Bobby on a few points she refutes his well-researched facts with far less credible sources, using editorial insertions that Bobby does not have a chance to respond to.

The full interview was so long — four hours — that they divided it into two parts. Below, I’ll review some select highlights. For more, I urge you to listen to it when time allows.

RFK on the Vaccine Regime

While many are quick to dismiss Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer,” he’s adamant that he’s never actually been against vaccines per se. “That is a pejorative that’s applied to me in order to marginalize me and silence me,” he says, adding:

“What I’ve said is we should have safe vaccines. We should have good, robust science. We should have regulators that are independent of the pharmaceutical industry that is profiting [from] the vaccines.”

Kennedy’s initial foray into vaccines, which began 17 years ago, was to get mercury out of childhood vaccines, as mercury is a neurotoxin. Before that, he spent 35 years trying to get mercury out of fish, “and nobody called me anti-fish,” he says.

There are hundreds of studies that show mercury destroys health and causes dramatic reductions in IQ. He cites research done showing that ethyl-mercury from vaccines accumulate in the brain to a far greater degree than the methyl-mercury you get from fish.

In fact, monkeys exposed to mercury-containing vaccines had twice the amount of mercury in their brains as those exposed to dietary mercury. The mercury in vaccines also metabolizes into organic mercury, which is the most toxic kind.

“Mercury is cumulative and … kids have many exposure to mercury. Vaccines are much worse [than dietary mercury], and we know this because of the FDA’s own studies. Their internal studies show that kids … are receiving huge amounts of mercury — hundreds of times the EPA max safe exposures — from these vaccines,” Kennedy says.

The Rise in Autism Is a Real Phenomenon

In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration started removing mercury preservatives from childhood vaccines, but mercury-containing vaccines are still given to children in Africa. The flu vaccine also contains mercury and is given to pregnant women.

This, Kennedy believes, may be one of the reasons why autism rates did not decline after ethylmercury was taken out of most childhood vaccines, because around the same time, pregnant women and babies 6 months and older were suddenly told to get an annual flu shot, and it provides a “huge bolus, 25 micrograms” of mercury.

While Kelly suggests autism rates kept rising simply because we got better at diagnosing it — a common industry talking point — Kennedy disagrees, saying:

“Here’s the thing, Megan … It’s simply not true that we’re just noticing it more. You mean we missed it before? … Missing autism is like missing a train wreck. You can’t do it …

My aunt, Eunice, who was my godmother, started Special Olympics, 10 miles from my home. I worked there every weekend, when I was a kid, from when I was 8 years old … I [also] spent 200 hours during my high school years at Wassaic home for the retarded in upstate New York, as a helper, and I never saw a case of full-blown autism …

Kids today with autism who are nonverbal, non-toilet trained, screaming, biting, head banging, violent, toe walking — we never saw kids like that in the ‘60s and ‘70s. To this day, I have never seen somebody my age, 68 years old, who has full-blown autism. Where are they?”

When Mercury Was Taken Out, Aluminum Was Put In

What’s more, ethylmercury was replaced with aluminum preservative, and aluminum is also a potent neurotoxin. So, they simply replaced one brain-harming substance with another. “So, now we’re giving kids aluminum vaccines and in the same wellness visit, we’re giving them a mercury flu shot,” he says, adding:

“Anybody who who’s looked at the CDC’s, NIH’s and FDA’s behavior during COVID pandemic understands that these are industries that are not doing public health. They’re doing pharmaceutical profit promotion …

These are [drug] companies that have … paid the highest criminal penalties of any corporation in history. These are serial felons and they have captured the agency that’s supposed to be protecting us from their behavior.”

Kennedy goes on to explain that, of the regulatory agencies in the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the only one that isn’t beholden to Big Pharma. They’re in the pocket of the oil industry, “but they don’t care about Pharma,” he says. When Congress asked the EPA to determine when the autism epidemic began, they came back with a very conclusive answer: 1989.

“What happened in 1989? We passed the National Vaccine Injury Act in 1986. We gave immunity from liability to all the [vaccine] companies. There was a gold rush, because suddenly the biggest cost of producing pharmaceuticals and marketing pharmaceuticals, which is downstream liability, had been eliminated.

They also didn’t have to do upstream testing. So, two of the biggest costs were gone. Plus, they don’t have to do advertising and marketing because the product is mandated to 76 million American children. So, it is a dream product for them and they can charge basically anything they want. It was a gold rush. They added all these new vaccines [to the childhood vaccine] schedule.

People, when they think of vaccines, think of polio and smallpox and the miracles of eliminating those [diseases]. But [it’s] completely unnecessary to vaccinate against things like hepatitis B, that are not even casually contagious …”

What About the Measles Vaccine?

As for the measles vaccine, measles was indeed a lethal disease at the beginning of the century, but in 1963, it was killing only 400 children a year, mainly those who had malnutrition or some other devastating comorbidity. “A lot of them were Black children in the Mississippi Delta,” Kennedy says. “[There], the death rate was 1 in 500,000.”

When Tony Fauci came into office, 6% of American children had chronic disease. By 2006, it was 54%. ~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The measles vaccine came out in 1963, and never contained thimerosal (mercury preservative) because it is a live virus vaccine. It wasn’t until the ‘90s that we started seeing an explosion in neurological disorders. Autism skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 44 today, but other neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD, speech delays and ticks have also skyrocketed.1 We’ve also seen a rapid rise in food allergies.

“When Tony Fauci came into office, 6% of American children had chronic disease,” Kennedy says. “By 2006, it was 54%. Our kids today are swimming around in a toxic zoo. And I don’t just work on vaccines. I was part of the trial team [against] Monsanto. I work on PBDEs, neonicotinoids, PFOS, PFAS … EMFs — all of these different exposures that began on the same timeline.

Phil Landrigan, the most famous toxicologist in this country, [at] Mount Sinai in New York, made a list of 11 potential culprits of toxics that became ubiquitous in 1989. You have to find something that impacted every demographic in this country, the same year … there’s only a small number … and one of them is vaccines.

I think it’s all of [these exposures]. Science shows all these impacts are cumulative. Our kids today are sick because we are bombarding their immune systems with these toxics that they simply cannot handle. Vaccines are part of that story. And it’s probably, in my view, the largest single cause, although all of them are very big.”

Intentional Suppression of the Autism Signal

Kennedy goes on to tell the story of a secret meeting organized by the CDC in 1999 after they conducted an internal study of their database, which contains the medical records, including the vaccination records, of 10 million children from the 10 biggest HMOs. Specifically, they wanted to know whether mercury vaccines might be causing autism. Kennedy says:

“They can look at every vaccine record and they can look at your medical claims to see if you’ve had a seizure disorder or allergies, or if you have an autism diagnosis. They can do a cluster analysis and look for associations. They looked at the hepatitis B vaccine, which is loaded with mercury, [given] during the first 30 days of birth.

They compared them to kids who did not get it during the first 30 days, who got it later or didn’t get it at all. And here’s what they found. The relative risk [from smoking] a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years and lung cancer is 10. This was 11.35. They knew thimerosal caused it.

This is the story that got me involved because they pushed the panic button and they had a secret meeting.2 They didn’t want to do it on the CDC campus because they thought it would be susceptible to a freedom of information request. So, they did it in a remote Methodist retreat center on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Norcross, Georgia.

They had a two-day meeting with 52 individuals, including all the major vaccine companies, regulatory agencies that administer vaccines, the FDA, the NIH, the HHS and the leaders of the leading academic vaccinators — the people who conduct clinical trials and make hundreds of millions of dollars from medical schools around this country.

Somebody recorded that meeting. We don’t know why. We don’t know if they knew they were being recorded, but I got a hold of the transcripts in 2005 and it is horrific. It’s a nightmare. Any of your listeners can go to our website, see the Simpsonwood Documents, and read those transcripts and make up your own mind about what happened.”

Early on in that 286-page transcript, we find the following admission by Walter Orenstein, then-director of the National Immunization Program at the CDC:3

“Initial concerns were raised last summer that mercury, as methylmercury in vaccines, might exceed safe levels … Analysis to date raise some concerns of a possible dose-response effect of increasing levels of methylmercury in vaccines and certain neurologic diagnoses.”

The remainder of the story was detailed in in a 2015 interview4 with Children’s Health Defense director of advocacy, Rita Shreffler. In that interview, Kennedy explained how the troublesome signal found in this database analysis was intentionally “vanished” by reworking the study no less than four times, “using dodgy statistical devices to make the autism signal disappear.”

After the fourth iteration, the signal linking thimerosal with autism and a half dozen other neurodevelopmental disorders was no longer detectable. The CDC published that version and announced thimerosal had been investigated and found to be safe. Alas, when people asked to see the raw data, the CDC claimed the data had been “lost,” so no one was ever able to verify the results. The fabrication stuck and has been peddled ever since.

When Kelly insists that there are many other studies from around the world that have also exonerated thimerosal, Kennedy reminds her to look at who funded them. Most were funded by the Wellcome Trust, the drug industry and the NIH.

“They are being funded by people who are funding them in order to cover up the association,” he says, “and you can easily design studies, particularly epidemiological studies, to conceal the impact to small subgroups of vulnerable populations. That is Epidemiology 101. Everybody knows that. And that’s why they do those studies.”

The Real Anthony Fauci

Kelly’s and Kennedy’s conversation then moves on to “The Real Anthony Fauci,” which became a best seller and sold out 12 times despite the total media blackout. When asked what Kennedy believes motivates Fauci to do what he does, he replies:

“I would characterize Anthony Fauci as kind of the preeminent architect of the transfer of NIAID and its parent agency NIH from a public health agency to an agency that is primarily concerned with drug development, drug promotion and partnering with the pharmaceutical industry on profit-making enterprises.

Legally, he can make money [on this] and he does. We know of at least one patent he has. Any product that is developed by the NIAID, anybody who works on that product … can get patent margin rights on that product that entitles them under the federal rules to collect $150,000 a year in royalty for life.

He has four of his top employees who each have margin rights, patent rights, royalty rights for the Moderna [COVID] vaccine … so it stands to make billions of dollars for the agency, but also high level individuals in the agency.

People who are very loyal to Tony Fauci can get awarded, through Fauci, the rights to collect lifetime royalties on those products, and they make hundreds of products. They develop hundreds and hundreds of products and all of those are potential profit-making enterprises for high level people within the NIH.

I think [Fauci’s motivation] is power, [but] I don’t know what motivates him. My job is to document their conduct. And if you look at his conduct, time after time after time, he does things that are consistent with making profits for his partners, which are these pharmaceutical companies, even at the direct and clear expense of public health.”

On Bill Gates

When asked about Bill Gates and his influence on public health, especially in developing countries, Kennedy tells the following story, which is detailed in his book:

“The World Health Organization, with Gates’ influence, support and participation, administered 1 million vaccines to Kenyan women designed to sterilize them without their knowledge. It was a tetanus program that included, in the tetanus vaccine — without anybody knowing — human gonadotrophic hormones (HCG), which interact with tetanus toxoids [to act] as a chemical castration drug for women.

They had similar programs in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Clearly, they were doing that. We got the vials from Kenya, so we know what they were doing, and they’ve admitted … If you read my book, you’ll [learn] that for 20 years, WHO has been spending tens of millions of dollars developing these sterilization drugs … It has paid researchers to find ways to castrate women.”

Kelly pushes back, saying “we’re on a thin thread, talking about the intentional sterilization of women in Africa without their consent or knowledge,” but Kennedy replies that the evidence for that “is very well documented.”

“They spent 20 years studying the inclusion of HCG in tetanus vaccines — as a way to sterilize women. Then they included HCG in a tetanus vaccine program that they gave to a million women without telling them. You can connect whatever dots you need to — or not.”

Similarities Between the AIDS Epidemic and COVID

Kennedy also addresses Kelly’s question about the similarities between Fauci’s handling of the AIDS epidemic and COVID. In the 1980s, Fauci pushed for the use of AZT — an extremely toxic drug — as a primary treatment for AIDS, while suppressing safer and less expensive treatments.

He’s followed the same modus operandi during the COVID pandemic, where he demonized inexpensive repurposed drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, saying they don’t work, while pushing for remdesivir, an ineffective, exorbitantly expensive antiviral Ebola drug.

“It speaks for itself,” Kennedy says. “AZT was horrendously toxic. It was developed originally by the National Cancer Institute as a chemotherapy drug. It killed all the rats when they gave it to them … They’re designed to kill human cellular tissue.

The hope is it will kill the tumors before they kill the rest of you. And so, when you give somebody a chemotherapy drug, it’s only given for a couple of weeks. But this drug was regarded as so horrendously toxic that they threw it on the junk pile and didn’t even patent it.”

According to Kennedy, the AIDS epidemic was when Fauci transitioned the NIAID from a public health agency into a drug industry partner. Fauci partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to develop an AIDS drug, and installed loyalists on committees that approved new or experimental drugs. They then kept competition at bay while rushing Fauci’s drug of choice through.

When AZT started killing everyone in the treatment group, Fauci kept the study going by giving the participants blood transfusions to keep them alive longer. “The only reason those people survived a six-week drug trial was because they were getting these transfusions,” Kennedy says. Once the study was completed, AZT was approved, despite clear safety signals. AZT went on to kill some 330,000 AIDS patients over the next decade.

Reinventing Public Health

In his book, Kennedy discusses how, by the middle of the 20th century, most epidemic and infectious diseases had been more or less wiped out, thanks to improvements in nutrition, sanitation, clean water, refrigeration, road systems and less overcrowding.

In 2000, the CDC looked at this together with Johns Hopkins, and they concluded that this 80% reduction in mortality from infectious disease was not due to vaccines, but these other societal improvements. In fact, vaccines had played virtually no role. People were still getting sick, but they were no longer dying from diseases such as measles.

As a result, the CDC and NIAID were losing relevance. The budget director for the Reagan administration, David Stockman, in 1982 suggested we should abolish the CDC. In his book, Kennedy shares agency memos discussing how to bring attention back to infectious diseases to make themselves relevant again.

“What I show is that there’s a series of fake pandemics that were done in 1976, right after Tony came to the NIAID. There was a bird flu epidemic that was fake in 2005 … and there was a fake swine flu epidemic in 2009. Each time they gave the vaccine companies immunity from liability, and they sold tens of millions of dollars worth of unnecessary vaccines.

Many of them caused profound impacts. The Zika pandemic was a fake pandemic. There was Tony Fauci claiming that Zika might cause microcephaly, a smaller head. He caused panic around the country. People were terrified. They were advising women not to get pregnant.

Somebody from his agency actually made a March madness chart of all the phony pandemics he’s been drumming up over the years, and the triumph is COVID on that [chart]. I reprinted that in my book and his [Fauci’s] signature is at the bottom of the page. So, you know, it’s something that they’ve done again and again and again.”

For clarity, Kennedy is not claiming that COVID-19 was a fake pandemic. “There were people dying of COVID 19 all over the world. It was a genuine pandemic,” he says. His point is that it served the same purpose as faked pandemics that posed no real threat to public health.

I would add that the COVID pandemic was extremely exaggerated, so while “real” in terms of there being outbreaks of infection, the panic surrounding it was intentionally manufactured. And why?

According to Kennedy, the reason for manufacturing fear about infectious disease is to allow the CDC and NIAID to stay relevant and keep pharmaceutical profit centers going, even though mortality from infectious diseases has dropped off the map.

Fauci’s ‘Biodefense’ Work

Kelly and Kennedy also discuss how Fauci and other public health leaders have misled the public about the origins of the COVID pandemic. Kennedy reviews how Dr. Ralph Baric had problems with pathogens escaping from his lab at UNC Chapel Hill, how the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is actually a front for the CIA, and how Fauci managed to secure a 68% pay raise by adding “biodefense” to his workload.

“I have another book about to come out called ‘Wuhan Cover-Up,’ and it shows, that Dr. Fauci, along with other people with DTRA, a defense threat reduction agency, with the CIA … was pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the enterprise to develop pandemic superbugs that could cause pandemics.

And they were keeping them in areas that they all knew they were certain to escape … His biggest fundee, Ralph Baric, had eight or 10 escapes and Fauci gave him 147 separate grants of tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars …

Nixon had signed the biological weapons convention in ‘72 that made it illegal to handle, store or develop any kind of biological weapons, but there was a loophole in it. And the loophole said, if it’s a dual use research, you can do that. A lot of the research that you use to develop bioweapons is identical to the research you use to develop a vaccine, or it can be.

And so, the Pentagon wanted to start doing this kind of research, but it was worried that the public would not believe that the Pentagon was doing all of this bioweapons research in order to develop vaccines. It just didn’t seem plausible.

So, they outsourced it to Tony Fauci and they gave him a 68% raise, which is one of the reasons why, today, he is the highest paid person in the history of the federal government. He makes $430,400 a year and the president only makes $400,000. And a lot of that is money that’s coming from his military weapons function …

They gave him $1.7 billion to begin developing bioweapons that is now at $2.2 billion a year. He then distributes that to different labs around the country. In 2014, three bugs from U.S. labs escaped … including smallpox, and 300 leading bioweapons experts … signed a petition asking Obama to shut down Tony Fauci’s experiments because they feared that he would release a pandemic.

The Obama administration issued the cease and desist order to Tony Fauci. He defied the order and continued doing the experiments at Ralph Baric’s labs, which were the worst experiments because he was engineering these gain-of-function bugs and ways that nobody had ever devised before.

But he moved a lot of his operations to Wuhan where they would..

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