Patrick Mahomes Says Travis Kelce’s Partying Is a ‘Persona’


Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have been by each other’s side for some of the most triumphant moments in their career. They’ve earned three Super Bowl rings together and have been in each other’s lives as they go through personal milestones, such as Mahomes becoming a father and Kelce’s high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift

Since Kelce became a household name thanks in large part to his relationship, he’s garnered—perhaps somewhat unfairly—a reputation of not being bright. His unearthed misspelled tweets and apparent party boy personality have contributed to this image. But having seen Kelce in all kinds of settings, Mahomes defended Kelce’s intellect and insisted that what fans see isn’t the whole story. 

“He puts on this persona—I’m partying, drinking, whatever, but he’s really super intelligent,” Mahomes said in a May 2 interview on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. Mahomes is 28 and Kelce is 34, but just because Kelce is older doesn’t mean his partying days are behind him. When the Super Bowl MVP was asked if he can keep up with Kelce’s partying, he simply stated “No.”

“I used to, I think, and then I had kids,” he explained. He’s a father to three-year-old daughter Sterling and one-year-old son Bronze with wife Brittany Mahomes

Becoming a father can certainly have an effect on a man’s stamina. Mahomes pointed out that Kelce’s brother, recently retired Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce, similarly underwent a transformation, though the elder Kelce is certainly known to have fun every now and then.  

“Jason has kids too, so he has to pick and choose, but when he chooses, he can go,” Mahomes said. 

Travis Kelce’s brainpower seemingly became the subject of one of his girlfriend’s new songs. On the track “So High School” from her new album The Tortured Poets Department, Swift sings, “You know how to ball, I know Aristotle.”

All that’s left is for Kelce to quote Aristotle in a press conference. 

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