Orangetheory Brings Steve Aoki on as Chief Music Officer


Y’know that part in every intense workout where you’re wallowing in a deep, dark pit of despair trying to will your legs to keep moving despite the lactic acid lighting them up? Few things make that effort easier. But there is one and it’s backed by science: music.

In 2021, Orangetheory surveyed over 35,000 of its members. What they learned tracks: 91 percent said music inspired and motivated them, and 94 percent said it pushed them harder during workouts. Just one song can get you moving, but a killer playlist will keep your efforts (and spirits) high when the going gets tough. That’s why Orangetheory just hired its first-ever chief music officer: DJ Steve Aoki.

Aoki will work closely with the Orangetheory fitness team to create bespoke setlists for a new eponymous workout series coined “All Out with Aoki.”

“Health, science and technology are three personal passion points for me and as Chief Music Officer for Orangetheory Fitness, I’m able to put them all in play,” Steve Aoki said in a press release. “There is a strong parallel between the energy at my shows and how Orangetheory coaches light up their own classes every day—my new setlists are meant to enhance this already amazing workout.”

This series will feature 10 original workouts with Aoki’s beats serving as the soundtrack. The songs’ BPM will mirror transitions from base pace to pushes to all-out efforts so participants can achieve their optimal heart rate throughout.

“All Out with Aoki” workouts will begin in Orangetheory studios nationwide March 26.

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