One of REI’s Top-Selling Headlamps That Campers Call the ‘Best Investment for Camping at Night’ Is Down to Just $33


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Gear like tents, stoves, and coolers tend to take top billing when it comes to camping essentials, but a quality headlamp shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re on a climbing adventure or just making your way back to the campsite after dark, a good headlamp is a must-have after the sun goes down. Black Diamond is known for its climbing gear, and the mountaineering brand has an impressive selection of headlamps.

Right now, Black Diamond’s powerful Onsight 375 Headlamp is on sale at REI for just $33, a 45% discount on the $60 headlamp. The powerful beam is “super bright,” according to REI shoppers, and it emits up to 375 lumens. 

Black Diamond Onsight 375 Headlamp, $33 (was $60) at REI

Courtesy of REI


Black Diamond’s headlamp is designed for climbers, and it’s useful for night hikes and even emergency preparedness for any nighttime roadside repairs. There are multiple brightness settings to choose from; the highest is 375 lumens while the lowest is 8 lumens. There are two lighting modes, too. Climbing mode illuminates the area in front of you, while the rangefinder mode is for longer distances.

The headlamp is IP67 waterproof, so it can easily handle wet weather. It can be powered with AAA batteries, or a rechargeable battery, although the rechargeable battery isn’t included. The battery pack is on the opposite side of the headlamp, making it feel more balanced when wearing.

The headlamp is a popular option for non-climbing activity, with one shopper calling it the “best investment for camping at night.” They added, “We got to the campsite in the rain and pitch dark at night. The headlamp freed up a hand from holding a flashlight so I could focus on setting up the tent in the dark. It’s nice and bright and it can also dim very low soft light. Very simple button to go through the light modes.”

While shoppers mentioned using the headlamp for everything from fishing to running to delivering mail at night, it also excels at its intended purpose. As one shopper wrote: “Light, simple, and you can conserve battery power with the ambient or proximity light mode, then switch to spot light mode for searching for anchors in night rappels. I manage search gear for ski patrol and we bought many of these for our search packs when we have to go after missing skiers or boarders, sometimes at night.”

Whether you need a headlamp for your climbing adventures or for post-work hikes at your nearest park, Black Diamond’s Onsight headlamp is a powerful option with plenty of modes to suit any situation. Stock is limited on this discontinued style, so you’ll want to act fast. 

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