Oksana Grishina Commits to Competing at the 2022 Olympia


The Olympia is the biggest weekend in bodybuilding and fitness. Many of the biggest moments happen on that stage and the biggest stars in the sport all show up to see the best that the IFBB Pro League has to offer. Many of those moments were provided by one the Fitness division’s greatest champions – Oksana Grishina. We now know that she intends to make even more memories and add to her incredible legacy.

The four-time Olympia champion and ten-time Fitness International winner has officially announced that she will be a part of the 2022 Olympia Weekend, set to take place on the weekend of Dec. 16-18 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Grishina made her intentions known on a recent episode of the Fit Rockstar Show with host Isabelle Turell.

“Yes, I’m working on some new skills and working hard already,” says Grishina. “Yeah, I want to always bring something exciting so I always do.”

To be clear, Grishina’s legacy as a Fitness legend is already well secure. However, Turell mentioned that it would be another level of history if she were to upset Whitney Jones and win her fifth career title. The only other athlete with more Fitness Olympia wins is Adela Garcia, who has eight of those trophies on her mantle. While Grishina didn’t want to make any bold statements, she indicated that she is taking her preparation for this year’s Olympia very seriously.

“I’m gonna do my best. And that’s all I can promise, you know, I’ll do my best if I find something in my soul that I can share with the audience,” Grishina shared. She actually also suggested that she may take a different approach when it comes to her routine.

“I want to try to be less dramatic this year because it’s always somethings life changing, and I think this is going to be bright side of you know, in my life.”

Turell followed up by confirming how Grishina comes up with those routines in the first place. One may think there is a long, drawn-out process, but it’s actually the exact opposite.

“This is just easier. One day you just know, ‘that’s it.’ And you just see it.”

Grishina and Turell go into a deep dive of the the guest’s life growing up, getting into gymnastics, her partner, Boris, and a lot more. Don’t miss this episode of the Fit Rockstar show. Go to www.wingsofstrength.net to watch it in its entirety, and don’t forget to follow @fitrockstarshow on Instagram.

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