my top ten healthy holiday gifts


Holidays are a perfect time of year to spoil your friends and family, and perhaps buy them a gift that they would never buy for themselves. Perhaps they would just not think about it, or maybe they would prefer not to spend the money. One example that quickly comes to mind are training sessions with a personal trainer or a massage. Even though we all love to get a massage, we may not want to splurge on ourselves. That is one example.

I am eager to suggest the following healthy gift ideas in no particular order. They all range in price from very low to a little pricier. They are conveniently available on Amazon in the states or Canada.

1) A high-end water bottle, like a Hydro Flask Wide Mouth, or a Corkcicle are wonderful but often considered a bit of a luxury at what could be more than $40.00 for just a water bottle. Why would anyone refuse that as a gift?

2) A good quality Aluminum or copper tongue scraper is very cheap (can make a good stocking stuffer) and so great to have. Once you start using one, you wonder why you never have before. It is a wonderful way to check in with your body every morning. Scraping your tongue helps to clean the gunk off your tongue and prevents reabsorption of toxins. You can even taste better!

3)Heat up with your feet with sock warmers! Depending on where you live, the temperature can really dip at this time of year and getting outside is often ignored due to the fear of freezing toes. I just saw some nice-looking sock warmers at Costco the other day

4)A dry skin brush not only feels great, but the health benefits are numerous. Brushing the skin helps to remove toxins, improves circulation, stimulates your lymphatic system, and helps with cellulite. Choose a brush with course, natural fibers.

5) Keep up your exercise with an easy Total Gym TV premium subscription. You receive the complete library of total gym workouts and be the first to receive the NEW workouts.

6) My book, “Do you Have the Guts To be Healthy” details our 6 pillars of health, explains how our bodies work from a cellular level and is complete with healthy recipes …available on Amazon!!

7) Every home needs a good essential oil diffuser. I think we all have made mistakes and bought diffusers that were just not good enough Look for ones that have a strong stream of mist that do not require a lot of refills.

8) A good blender is a must. I would recommend one that is strong and functional so that smoothies nut milks, baby food, and perhaps nut butters are easy to make. A long warranty is something to keep in mind.

9) I ask all my clients to put a good juicer on their holiday wish list. Everyone has different needs, but a slow twin gear juicer is what will yield the most juice that will last the longest. Let’s not forget that it should also be easy to clean!

10) A Spa Day at your favorite local wellness spa can be something that one would not think of taking the time to do for themselves, but given the gift, there is no choice, right? Taking quiet time for oneself can be the best gift of all.

Happy Holidays Everyone. I wish you all a peaceful, and joyous season!

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