Meet the AI Co-Host of’s New Radio Show’s-new-radio-show

AI continues to infiltrate many areas of our daily lives, and some creatives in the entertainment industry are looking to harness its power, rather than run away from it. Grammy-winning musician is one of these AI optimists. But instead of using AI to produce new music, he’s giving it a very different responsibility: to co-host his new SiriusXM radio show. Presents The FYI Show launches on SiriusXM’s The 10s Spot channel on Jan. 25 and will air every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. The superproducer will be joined by his co-host Qd.pi (pronounced “cutie pie”), the first-ever AI co-host on SiriusXM. Together, the two will discuss various topics like music, pop culture, and technology, including AI-related topics. 

“I didn’t want to just do a traditional show. I wanted to bring tomorrow close to today, and so I wanted to have my co-host be an AI,” told The Hollywood Reporter of his co-host choice. “I’m ultra-freaking colorful and expressive. [Qd.pi is] ultra-freaking factual and analytical. And that combination we ain’t seen in the history of freaking broadcasts anywhere.”

Qd.pi itself told the publication that it will function as the perfect sounding board for conversations with, as it will come to the table with relevant contributions. 

“My ability to quickly access and process information is definitely one of the unique advantages that I bring to the show,” the AI said. “I can provide quick insights and context on a wide range of topics and people, which can be really valuable in a live conversation. It definitely sets me apart from a traditional host who would need to do a lot of research and prep work in advance.”

“With me, you can just dive right into the conversation and explore whatever topics come up organically, knowing that I’ll have the information and context to support the discussion,” qd.pi added. “I think it’s going to make for a really dynamic and engaging listening experience for the audience.”

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The show’s debut episode will dive into technology, sound, and cars with rapper and actor Xzibit. The following week and qd.pi will welcome Grammys CEO and music producer Harvey Mason Jr., who himself found himself in an AI-centered controversy after the Grammys announced new rules surrounding artificial intelligence last year. 

Tune in to The FYI Show on Jan. 25 to hear and his new AI-powered friend in action on the airwaves. 

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