Meet Blu Atlas: World’s Finest Men’s Grooming Products 


This article was published in partnership with Blu Atlas.

For most men, a grooming routine means more than just maintaining personal hygiene. It’s about looking and feeling confident in your skin, so you can show up as precisely who you want to be. It makes sense then that the best grooming routines for men use products that make them look, feel and smell like a million bucks. When we discovered Blu Atlas’ collection of men’s grooming products, we fell in love with their mission and the quality they promise and deliver on.

Blu Atlas was created with the goal of creating a high-quality men’s skincare brand that is straightforward and easy to use. The New York-based brand teamed up with some of the world’s finest cosmetic chemists and dermatologists to create effective, science-backed grooming products that are also all-natural. Shocked by the number of unnecessary chemicals humans are exposed to on a daily basis (with over 120 chemicals coming from our grooming and skincare products alone), the brand sought to drastically lower that number through simple, clean formulations that prioritize natural ingredients without skimping on results.

With their modern, minimalist product packaging and simple yet effective formulas, Blu Atlas created an entire range of men’s grooming products. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality and convenience for clean, safe products made with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Below, we’ll take a deeper dive into all 14 products from their current line.

Get your hands on any of Blu Atlas’ all-natural, science-backed skincare and grooming products on their website. And if you love them (which we know you will), the brand offers a subscribe-and-save option so you can get 20% off any products at checkout.

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