McDonald’s Reintroducing Fan-Favorite Breakfast Item in Some Markets


McDonald’s is reintroducing a fan-favorite breakfast item three years after it disappeared from store menus.

The fast-food mega-chain announced on Monday that it would be bringing back its beloved Breakfast Wrap. McDonald’s describes the Breakfast Wrap as “a pork sausage patty with [two] free-range egg(s), bacon, a potato rosti (hashbrown), and cheese, in a soft tortilla wrap, with your choice of brown sauce or ketchup.” The restaurant is swapping out the folded eggs with which the wrap was previously made for the newer round, free-range option.

IT’S COMING BACK – available from 07.02.2024

— McDonald’s UK (@McDonaldsUK) January 15, 2024

The Breakfast Wrap, last available in 2020, is returning to menus on February 7 in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, that means Breakfast Wrap aficionados in North America must plan a trip abroad if they hope to get their hands on one.

However, it’s not unprecedented for McDonald’s to make some of its international items available to American customers, such as the much-discussed Squishmallows Happy Meal the chain premiered in December. McDonald’s spin-off restaurant, CosMc’s, also debuted several international menu items when it opened its first location in Illinois last year. That means the Breakfast Wrap could possibly return to America at some point.

If you’re in Ireland or the U.K., or plan to travel there, you can pick up a Breakfast Wrap for £4.39, which is a little more than $5. A Breakfast Wrap Meal, meanwhile, runs £5.89, or a bit more than $7.

McDonald’s has been making a variety of changes to its once-ironclad menu in the last few months. The Breakfast Wrap announcement comes at the same time the chain announced the return of its Strawberry and Créme Pie to select locations.

Last month, McDonald’s revealed it was bringing back two more beloved menu items—the Snack Wrap and the Double Big Mac. It also unveiled plans to revamp its signature Big Mac, and promised to craft bigger, more satisfying burgers in a bid to compete with chains like Shake Shack. Earlier this month, a former franchise chef posited that McDonald’s may even bring back its fabled “Super Size” option.

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