Mark Wahlberg Gives a Look Inside His Famous 4 A.M. Workouts


Mark Wahlberg offered fans an inside look at his iconic 4 am workouts. He uploaded two separate videos to Instagram on Sunday morning showcasing his time in the gym. As usual, fans poured into the comments to voice their encouragement and appreciation for the Max Payne star.

The first video, labeled “Leg Day,” shows Wahlberg engaging in a variety of exercises to build his already considerable muscle. “4 am club,” the montage is captioned. He shows off his enviable skill at squats while holding a massive barbell; leg presses and lifts; as well as lunges.

In the second clip, Wahlberg focused attention on his arms and back, running through push-ups and working on a lat pull machine.

“Mark knows what’s up. Can’t build a house on sticks,” wrote one fan.

“You motivate me to stay healthy,” said Michelle, while another commenter enthused: “Mark’s account is on a roll with these 4 am workouts.”

Wahlberg’s early-morning workouts have achieved legendary status. Wahlberg previously shared with Men’s Journal that he starts training by 3:30 a.m. each morning, waking up at 2:30 to fit in a quick breakfast and round of prayers.

Nothing impedes on family time, so I sacrifice my mornings,” Wahlberg told Men’s Journal in 2019. “I thrive on the grind.”

Since then, Wahlberg has changed his approach somewhat. Last year, the 52-year-old told Fox News that he was slowing down his regimen in the hopes of preserving his body down the line. He now incorporates into his schedule two full days of rest and frequent cold plunges, which the star swears by.

“There’s no reason why anybody, never mind somebody at 52 years old, needs to be training, seven days a week,” he reasoned. “You’re just putting a pounding on your body and recovery. God has given us the best possible gifts. One of them is sleep right to recover and to heal.”

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