Lenny Kravitz Explains Why He Works Out in Leather Pants


Lenny Kravitz is a man of many talents from the stage and screen to the gym. The “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” rocker recently went viral for sharing a video of himself working out at the gym. But instead of wearing a tank top and shorts, Kravitz was wearing a signature look of his: leather pants and combat boots. 

“Thank God for today! Grateful. Never been better,” he captioned the clip. “There are no shortcuts so seize your day. It is all possible. Love!”

When speaking with Variety about his interesting gym fashion choices raising eyebrows, he confessed he “had no idea” it would go viral.

“I’m always working out in leather pants or jeans and boots and whatever—if I’m not doing cardio. If I’m doing cardio, obviously I’m going to wear sweats because I’m going to be sweating all over the place. But if I’m lifting weights, I don’t sweat so much,” he said. 

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He went on to explain that it has nothing to do with the look and everything to do with convenience in his day. 

“A lot of times I’m coming from somewhere or I’m going somewhere. And I just don’t care. I’m gonna pop in, I’ve got 45 minutes, we’re gonna hit it and I’m gonna go run to where I’m going. So I don’t do it for effect,” he stated plainly. “I didn’t do that to be like, ‘Oh, let me be just so different and wear leather pants and glasses.’ No, it’s just me walking in off the street.”

Given leather pants’ lack of mobility compared to sweatpants, it’s safe to say Kravitz’s outfit choices seem to work for his weightlifting workouts. 

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