Katt Williams Makes Easy Work of Tom Brady’s 40-Yard Dash Time


Tom Brady has cemented his spot in the pantheon of football greats after two decades in the NFL, but there are metrics where some other players—and even some non-players—have him beat. When it comes to the 40-yard dash, this includes actor and comedian Katt Williams. 

Jared Verse, a defensive lineman for Florida State University, shared a video of Williams attempting the 40-yard dash himself. The longtime comedian completed the dash in 4.97 seconds. Brady, by contrast, recently clocked a time over 5 seconds. 

Katt Williams running the 40-yard dash ? His official time was a 4.97.

(via: @JaredVerse1) pic.twitter.com/dWOwsiuRci

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) March 8, 2024

Brady, who retired for a second time in February 2023, shared an update recently on his running speed post-retirement. The seven-time Super Bowl champ set out to beat his 40-yard dash time at the NFL combine 24 years ago of 5.28 seconds. Brady was 22 years old when he was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL draft

Now 46, the onetime Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback documented his journey to outdo himself on Instagram last month. Two people with stopwatches clocked 5.18 and 5.12 seconds when all was said and done. His friend remarked that if he’d done that a quarter century ago, he would have been picked in the third round of the draft. Brady, true to form, vowed to keep improving: “Next year, it’s going to be faster.” 

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Age hasn’t presented much of a hurdle to Brady, having secured four of his seven Super Bowl rings after turning 37. As for 52-year-old Williams, his time remains unbeaten by the former New England Patriots star. 

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