Jon Cryer Weighs in on Working With Charlie Sheen Again


Charlie Sheen was the highest-paid actor on television when he was fired from Two and Half Men in 2011, amid recurring stints in rehab and a public feud with serious creator Chuck Lorre. Now, 13 years later, Sheen has gotten his act together and mended fences with Lorre. Given Hollywood’s love of remakes and reboots, Sheen’s costar Jon Cryer was asked about the possibility of returning to the characters during a Friday appearance on The View. 

But unfortunately, while you can never say never, fans may not want to hold their breath for a reunion between the former cast mates.

“The thing is, Charlie is doing a lot better now which is wonderful,” said Cryer, who currently stars on the NBC sitcom Extended Family. “He and I have not spoken in a few years but he’s doing a lot better, which obviously I am happy about.” Cryer explained that at the time, the hardest thing for Lorre at how Two and a Half Men “fell apart the way it did,” was that he genuinely considered Sheen to be a friend.

“And that he lost that was really heartbreaking for him,” the 58-year-old recalled. “So that they have reconciled is really lovely.”

“The thing for me is, when Two and a Half Men was happening Charlie was like the highest paid actor in television, probably ever,” Cryer continued. “And there has been nobody that has surpassed the enormous amount of money he was making. And yet, he blew it up. So you kinda have to think—I love him, I wish him the best and that he should live in good health for the rest of his life, but I don’t know if I want to get in business with him for any length of time.”

When Cryer went to add that he would possibly consider a reunion “if it was a one-off,” or something similar, panelist Ana Navarro cut in to suggest that maybe they should be getting paid the same salary. “That sounds fair,” Cryer reasoned.

So while it seems safe to say that Sheen and Cryer and never, ever getting back together—at the same time, everyone has their price.

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