Jeremy Renner Shares Inspiring Update One Year After Near-Deadly Accident


Jeremy Renner posted an inspiring recovery update to Instagram just over a year after the devastating snow plow accident in which he broke 30 bones.

“I was reminded that love, goodwill, hard work, and a legion of good humans are getting me through every day…thank you, bless you,” Renner captioned a photo of himself grinning in an exercise room. “And as always, I hold my promise to be better, be stronger, and grow to surpass potential,” he continued. “Bless you all.”

Renner’s most recent update comes just a few days after he returned to acting for the first time since his January 2023 accident. Last week, he posted a snap taken in his trailer on the set of the Paramount+ show Mayor of Kingstown. Renner stars in the Taylor Sheridan-created prison-industry drama alongside Dianne Weist and Kyle Chandler.

“Day one on set…nervous today,” Renner began the post. “Hope this works out [and] that I can ACTUALLY pull this off for our production and more importantly the fans.”

Renner has made a miraculous recovery since his near-death experience, sitting for an interview with Diane Sawyer just two months later. In April, he walked the red carpet for his Disney+ reality show Rennervations. Earlier this month, he returned to the hospital that treated him to thank the doctors and nurses who aided his recovery. The two-time Oscar nominee recently announced he’d be releasing an album, Love and Titanium, inspired by his accident and recovery.

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