Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She Told Robert De Niro to Leave Her Wedding


Weddings are stress-inducing affairs even under the most normal circumstances, not to mention when you’re an A-list actress. As such, Jennifer Lawrence shared her somewhat relatable experience of marrying art gallery director Cooke Maroney in 2019, not counting the part where she told legendary actor Robert De Niro to leave her rehearsal dinner.

In an interview with E! News at Sunday’s Golden Globes, the 33-year-old actress joked that being a bride is “awful.” “It’s so stressful.,” she told chief correspondent Keltie Knight. “You’re not having fun. You’re just like, ‘Is that person having fun?'”

“I’ll never forget—I was freaking out about the guests being cold, and all of my friends were lying they’re like, ‘Nobody’s cold, nobody’s cold, everything’s fine, everything’s fine,'” Lawrence recalled of her October nuptials in Rhode Island. “My mom was like, ‘It’s freezing out there, your grandmother almost died.”

However, in addition to worrying about her grandmother, also in attendance was De Niro, whom she had starred with in 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook and 2013’s American Hustle, in which the actor appeared in an uncredited role. She says she freaked out in particular when she saw the 80-year-old looking like he had better things to do while attending her rehearsal dinner.

“I looked over and I saw Bob, who doesn’t know anybody and he’s kind of wandering around, and I immediately was like, ‘No, this isn’t what he wants to be doing. I don’t want him here,'” Lawrence quipped. “So I went over and whispered, I was like, ‘Go home’ and he was nice—he like talked to my parents and was polite—but I was like, ‘Go.'”

“That just genuinely made me feel better,” she said, of how she felt when De Niro finally left. Suffice to say, that may be the happiest anyone has ever been to see the Oscar-winning actor leave a party.

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