Jason Kelce Confesses He Forgot a Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife Kylie


Jason Kelce may be retired from the NFL, but the former Philadelphia Eagles star has been keeping busy. He co-hosts his wildly popular podcast New Heights with his brother and fellow NFL star Travis Kelce and is gearing up to head to ESPN as an on-air host. Between his different commitments, Kelce let one important occasion slip through the cracks: his wedding anniversary. 

Jason and Kylie Kelce got married on April 14, 2018. When speaking with his brother Travis on the May 1 episode of New Heights, Jason admitted that he was so busy with work that he forgot to get his wife an anniversary gift. 

“Don’t ask Kylie! I am a bad gift planner and giver,” Jason said honestly about his mom’s recent comments that boys are often not good gift givers on Mother’s Day. “I can’t be good at dancing and be good at gift giving. I can only have one of those,” he added.

“I owe Kylie an anniversary gift,” he confessed. “I’m almost a month post-due on that. We were doing the Cincinnati live show [on April 11] and it distracted me.”

“I gotta come big with something,” he resolved, to which Travis had the suggestion to make her a sword. “I mean, I don’t think she’d be into it,” Jason said at first, though he then realized it’s better than nothing. “Right now, a sword is definitely better than what I’ve currently gotten her.”

“Now I gotta get it to Kylie before this episode airs on [May 1]. So I kind of [need to] move fast on this sword,” he concluded.

Between putting Kylie on the spot for an Irish dance and not giving an anniversary gift, Jason should consider himself a lucky guy these days. 

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