Internet Baffled by Limp Bizkit Touring With Corey Feldman


Limp Bizkit announced a 2024 North American tour on Tuesday, which will kick off in Somerset, WI on July 16th and run through August. But it’s the tour’s lineup that really has got people talking, particularly at the incision of former ’80s child star turned musician Corey Feldman.

The latest tour comes on the heels of the nu metal band’s 19-stop outing in 2022 to support its 2021 album, Still Sucks. In addition to Feldman, the Loserville Tour, as it’s being called, will also feature special guests including rapper Bones (with Eddy Baker & Zavier Wulf), synth-punker N8NOFACE, and Riff Raff, who will also serve as MC each night.

The 52-year-old is no stranger to the recording studio, having released his first album, Love Left, in 1992. However, Feldman’s music career has seen mixed reviews, to put it gently. His most recent high-profile performance was at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL back in September, which was panned by Julie River of New Noise Magazine, who likened his appearance to a joke.

“Booking Corey Feldman for this show felt a little bit mean-spirited,” River wrote. “If you’ve ever seen a video of Feldman performing live, you’ll notice it’s completely overdone, pretentious, and just outright bizarre. It felt, to me, like Riot Fest booked Feldman as a joke for attendees to go watch ironically and laugh at, which felt cruel.”

But after watching Feldman berate his band just moments into the set, River writes that any sympathy she had for Feldman went right out the window.

“Feldman spent an inordinate amount of time on stage complaining about his ex-wives, which felt like a Hollywood cliché and a tad misogynistic,” she added. “So yes, Feldman was basically booked as a joke, but by the end of the set, I was more comfortable with laughing at him.”

Though Feldman is billed dead last on the bill, it didn’t take long for the news to nearly overshadow the tour announcement itself, as the Dream a Little Dream actor began trending on social media. For the most part, the internet was just baffled at the unholy union of Limp Bizkit and Corey Feldman, as evidenced by the majority of posts on X, formerly Twitter.

“Gotta be honest. I didn’t have ‘Corey Feldman’ trending with ‘Limp Bizkit’ on my bingo card today,” wrote one user, while some simply asked “why.”

Gotta be honest. I didn’t have “Corey Feldman” trending with “Limp Bizkit” on my bingo card today.

— Jay Town (@JayTownAlabama) December 5, 2023

why is corey feldman on here lol

— springwood lover (@2cashed4noRzn) December 5, 2023

Why is Corey Feldman opening for Limp Bizkit?

— Kevin Kania (@kkania) December 5, 2023

Others, on the other hand, suggested that Fred Durst and company knew exactly what they were doing by bringing Feldman on board. After all, the tour has certainly gotten people talking. “I’m sure Fred Durst gets and planned the irony here, but does Corey Feldman?” one user speculated.

I’m sure Fred Durst gets and planned the irony here but does Corey Feldman

— Jane Altoids (@staticbluebat) December 5, 2023

Corey Feldman gonna steal the show at every stop on this Limp Bizkit tour with pieces of art like this one

— Bang Dang Network (@BangDangNetwork) December 5, 2023

That moment when you found out that Corey Feldman is opening up for Limp Bizkit.

— Morty (@EvilMortyD69) December 5, 2023

In either case, you can secure your spot to see Corey Feldman open for Limp Bizkit when the Live Nation pre-sale starts Thursday, Dec. 7th at 10 a.m., with general sales beginning Friday, Dec. 8th at Ticketmaster.

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