How to Gain Weight Fast for Men: Works for Endomorphs, Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs

how men can gain weight fastIf you train more efficiently, you will gain muscle faster.If you train more efficiently, you will gain muscle faster.

So you want to gain weight fast? Here’s how to put on extra muscle mass the right way and get excellent, long-term results, specifically for men!

How to Gain Weight Fast for Men- The Phases

Bodybuilders are usually in one of three phases. Either they are cutting (trying to lose body fat), maintaining (neither seeking to lose body fat nor trying to gain muscle) or bulking (trying to gain more muscle). This article is geared toward men who are in a bulking phase and want to gain weight fast.

how to gain weight fast for men

Whatever your body type, you can get real muscle.

Types of Bulking

Bulking is a period in which a bodybuilder seeks to gain more lean mass. There are different schools of thought when it comes to bulking. Some schools advocate the see-food diet.

If you see food, eat it. Others advocate a diet that is more controlled. The general caloric intake for bulking is found by multiplying 17 by your body weight.

Bulking can even get a bit more complicated when adding on two factors. One factor is body type. Ectomorphs (hard-gainers), mesomorphs (athletic type) and endomorphs (prone to fat gain) need to bulk differently.

The other factor is the amount of muscle that can actually be gained. A natural male athlete has the potential to gain two pounds of muscle per month.

Each body type will have to follow a different bulking plan in order to gain muscle without gaining lots of fat along with it.

How to Gain Weight Fast for Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs have to work harder in order to gain muscle. Working harder for ectomorphs means eating a lot more. An ectomorph will have to verge from the standard formula and multiply 20 calories by body weight.

This person will have to seek out high-calorie foods like weight gainer shakes and focus on eating lots of carbs and fats. Protein will always be part of the equation, but ectomorphs may slightly lower the amount of protein to equal 25% of daily required calories.

Although ectomorphs need to eat more, the best way to bulk is by eating healthy foods. Protein should include foods like lean beef, poultry, cottage cheese and eggs. Carbohydrates should include potatoes, pasta, quinoa, fruits and vegetables.

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Fats should include nuts, nut butter and healthy oils like olive oil and flaxseed oil. When bulking, your meals should be spread out throughout the day and strict adherence to the caloric surplus is required.

Ectomorphs can easily get in an extra 500 – 1000 by using a weight-gainer shake instead of having a regular meal.

How to Gain Weight Fast for Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs are usually born athletes. It’s easier for them to put on muscle, but they can potentially put on lots of excess fat in the process.

For a bulking mesomorph, he should multiply his bodyweight by 17 or 18 to get the amount of calories to consume on a daily basis. A mesomorph can opt to take weight gainer shakes, but they should be taken in moderation. A weight gainer shake containing 1000 or more calories should replace one or two meals.

As for the rest of the diet, a mesomorph should eat the same types of lean protein, fats and carbohydrates as an ectomorph with a slight change.

While an ectomorph will need to consume around 50 – 60% of his diet from carbohydrates, an endomorph can lower that a bit to 45 – 50% and still get the desired results.

How to Gain Weight Fast for Endomorphs

This body type has to be very careful when bulking. An endomorph is prone to gain body fat and if he bulks incorrectly, he will have a hard time losing fat and runs of the risk of losing his hard earned lean mass along with body fat.

An endomorph will have to multiply his body weight by 17 and some may even have to multiply it by 16 in order to get the number of calories necessary for a successful bulk.

Like a mesomorph, his best bet is to shoot for a lower number of carbohydrates and fats. A ratio of 45% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 25% fats is good for an endomorph.

All Body Types Can Cheat a Little

Even though ectomorphs will have it easy during the bulking phase, all body types can use this time to do a little cheating on their diet. An occasional pizza or meal at a fast food place won’t do much damage and it may help you enjoy your bulk a little more.

The Secrets of Getting Huge

Gaining weight fast is easy, but gaining lean weight requires a bit more care and concentration. Depending on your body type, you need to first figure out how many calories you need for a successful bulk.

After that, you can tailor your bulk to your body type so you can gain the most muscle possible while limiting gains in body fat. Beyond that, use the bulking time to have a little fun and take time off to satisfy those naughty cravings.


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