How to do Goblet Squats with Perfect Form (Great Exercise)


Goblet squats are a great compound exercise that can really build muscle. But are you getting your form right? Make sure you get optimal results by checking out the right way to execute them.

The Goblet Squat Variation

Squats are one of the best muscle-building exercises around. This compound exercise not only builds leg muscles, it also tones the butt and strengthens abdominal muscles. There are many variations of the squat, but this article will explain how to do goblet squats with perfect form.

The goblet squat is an interesting squat variation that can produce great results.

The Benefits of Goblet Squats

Goblet squats are a perfect exercise for beginning bodybuilders. It’s a great tool to use a precursor to the back squat and it can be done with different variations to help target specific muscles. If you’re going to do the goblet squat with perfect form your focus should be on your stance, squat depth and breathing.

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The Correct Stance for Perfect Form

When doing goblet squats your stance is of extreme importance. You should stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed outward. Your weight should be in the heels, but your feet should be flat on the floor. Taller people may need to adopt a wider stance in order to properly execute this exercise.

In addition to this, you should stabilize the core muscles by holding them in tight and your chest should be up. Your upper back should be tight. This will help you increase your stability when squatting down. It’s a good idea to do a few practice squats before loading up with a kettlebell or dumbbell.

Get the Right Squat Depth

Once you’ve practiced the proper stance, you’re ready to load up with weight. If you’re beginning, start with a light weight until you have your form perfected.

Hold a kettlebell by the horns against your chest, or hold a dumbbell vertically against your chest and prepare to squat down. As you squat, sit back, keep your chest up high and keep your elbows between your knees.

When descending, go as low as you can comfortably go. If you find that your heels are raised off the floor as you squat, you need to adopt a wider stance.

At the very bottom of this movement your elbows should be on the medial (inside) part of your legs. Use your elbows to slightly push your knees out. This part is especially important.

Pushing your knees out helps keep your chest high and your spine flat. Your hips should also be in greater alignment with your feet. This helps you work your muscles more efficiently without a chance of incurring injury.

To complete this exercise you need to return to the starting position and continue with the exercise for the desired number of repetitions. The number of repetitions you perform will depend on your goals.

If you are trying to build muscle you should perform between eight and 12 repetitions per set, while using a kettlebell or dumbbell that is up to 85% of your one rep maximum.

If you are trying to increase strength, then three to eight repetitions are suggested. The amount of weight should be up to 90% of your one rep maximum. Fat loss would require much higher repetitions (10 – 15 reps per set) and a lighter load. For fat loss, the load should only be up to 70% of your one rep maximum.

Breathing During Goblet Squats

Sometimes athletes ignore proper breathing techniques and this could result in feeling light-headed or nauseous while performing the exercise. Some hold their breath throughout the exercise and end up fainting as a result of performing the exercise.

At the top of the squat, it’s important to take a deep breath through your nose. After taking a deep breath descend and let the air out at the bottom and then come back up.

Target Different Muscles

You can change your stance width to target different muscles. If you want to work the gluteus and hamstring muscles, you can increase your stance width and focus on sitting back through the hips.

If you want to work your quads more than a narrower stance is required. In this variation you should focus on placing your weight more in the center of your feet instead of in the heels.

Works Great for Building Leg Muscles

Goblet squats are really easy to do and they work great for building up your leg muscles. By focusing on stance, squat depth and breathing techniques, you will never have to worry about performing this exercise incorrectly.

And if you want to target different muscles, all you have to do is adjust your stance. Now you know how to execute the goblet squat with perfect form.


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