How Ryan Buttigieg is Mentoring the Warren Buffets of Tomorrow


Written in Partnership with Tom Jones

Warren Buffet’s success is mainly attributed to his ability to identify investment trends before everyone else. Ryan Buttigieg, the man behind Change Mentor Hub, teaches his students the exact same thing, except with e-commerce and not the stock market.

After a successful pivot from working 14 hours a day as a line chef, Buttigieg built his digital empire through dropshipping and white labeling. Quickly realizing that there is enough room for more than one Warren Buffet in the world of e-commerce, Buttigieg founded his mentorship program, Change Mentor Hub in 2019.

Through this program, Buttigieg helps students find up-and-coming investment trends that will allow them to build wealth much faster than any salary worker can. Here, Buttigieg shares what it takes to build a Buffet-style empire in e-commerce.

“The first thing we teach students of Change Mentor Hub is drop shipping,” says Ryan Buttigieg. “That’s because this business model is more educational than income-generating. Through drop shipping, you can learn how to build a store, communicate with clients, build a brand, run ads, collect data, and all other skills required to make money online.”

Once a student nails down all those basics, Ryan Buttigieg proceeds with teaching the business model which he says is the real money maker: white labeling.

With this business model, the store owner (Buttigieg’s students) purchases products and markets them under their own brand name. The end product thus appears to be the retailer’s own products, rather than the manufacturers.

“99% of the time with dropshipping, your products won’t be branded, and they will come in with cheap packaging from factories abroad,” explains Buttigieg. “With white and private labeling, you can customize.”

Ryan Buttigieg shares there are more benefits to the white label business model than just pretty packaging. Among those benefits, he says, is having full control over one’s stock.

“Having full control over your stock means you also have full control over things like customer service,” says Buttigieg. “You can opt for quicker shipping, and you get lower cost prices on the products, leaving you with higher margins. Of course, you can also charge more for the products, because you’re selling them as branded goods.”

In a nutshell, the Change Mentor Hub founder says white labeling has addressed each and every pain point that drop shipping has presented business owners with. Still, Buttigieg is not too quick to dismiss the power or drop shipping as an entry point to building a digital empire.

“What we tend to do is use the drop shipping business model first,” says Buttigieg. “Once our students see one or two sales come through, they can then reinvest any profits they’ve made into the same product. Only this time, we white label the goods. They can now offer super quick shipping to the businesses they’re selling to. And with branded products, at that.”

For Buttigieg, this is the best way online entrepreneurs can make their money work for them.

However, Buttigieg recognizes that the best way is typically not the easiest way. He says he will never claim that his journey towards running a successful online empire is easy. In fact, Buttigieg says one of the reasons he started a mentorship program is because he knew exactly that other young entrepreneurs would need strong enough support if they were to follow the path he took.

“This entire business model hinges on reaching out to the right people within the right businesses with the right product—and that is not easy,” admits Buttigieg. “But Change Mentor Hub is here to help. The right people? They’re already in our network. The right businesses? We’re already connected with them. The right products? We can help you identify them without fail.”

Buttigieg urges those interested to be one of tomorrow’s Warren Buffets to invest in the learning required to make the most of investment trends in white labeling. With Change Mentor Hub, he vows to offer not just a step-by-step training course for entrepreneurs, but also a personalized experience with scheduled events and retreats across the world with mentors and influencers.

“Everything is personal,” says Buttigieg. “We send voice notes, exchange DMs and phone calls, and we use Zoom to hold weekly masterminds and workshops. On the sidelines, our hundreds of members help each other through private chat groups. That’s how this community thrives.”

For Buttigieg, it takes a village to raise tomorrow’s Warren Buffets. And that’s why he worked hard to build Change Mentor Hub, a community that’s open to any entrepreneur who is seeking a life of financial freedom and success in investment.

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