High-End Kitchen Essentials That Fuse Style and Design


When you buy high-end kitchen essentials, you’re not just forking over a wad of cash for some shiny tools and gadgets. You’re investing in heirloom pieces that’ll stand the test of time. Why buy chintzy kitchen gear you’ll just end up replacing year after year, when you can do it once (read: do it right)?

To put you on the right path, we tested a plethora of items to see what small appliances and tools are worth buying. We looked for items that’ll help optimize every step of the process. What hastens prepwork so you can spend less time chopping and mixing? What cookware set can perfectly sear a sirloin for two and also make a holiday dinner for twelve? What serveware elevates the dining experience so your cooking can fully be appreciated?

We prioritized items that live at the intersection of style and design—that are beautifully engineered to not just enhance the optics of your space, but make whatever task at hand more efficient and enjoyable.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. We’ll continue to update as we test more elevated kitchen essentials. Stay tuned for further Elevated Essentials roundups, too.

High-End Kitchen Essentials That Fuse Style and Design Balmuda The Toaster glows while in useBalmuda The Toaster glows while in use Courtesy Image1. Balmuda The Toaster Oven

This Japanese-made appliance uses steam to revolutionize the art of toasting. Add 1 ml of water with the included measuring cup—a teeny-tiny mug—to the inlet on top of the machine before each use (except Oven Mode). That boiler heating element turns it to steam, which circulates inside the chamber, enveloping your bread, croissant, or any other baked good in a cloud of moisture. It crisps the exterior while preserving that pillowy-soft texture within—like it was freshly baked. You can set the mode and its corresponding time (there’s a guide printed right on the top) for perfectly toasted breadstuffs. We also love the tie-in to nature: As The Toaster does its thing, it glows orange to mimic the embers of a wood fire. Expect everyone to gather around it…

[$299; balmuda.com]

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