Goldfingr Provides Investment Opportunities With New Web 3.0 Application


This article was produced in partnership with Thomas Herd

While seemingly countless virtual reality-focused companies have popped up in the wake of the Metaverse’s reveal, one members-only club turned digital-investment platform has kept its feet firmly planted in the real world: Goldfingr.

As a community for the world’s elite, burgeoning entrepreneurs, and established investors, Goldfingr’s up-and-coming Web 3.0 desktop and mobile application is set to make networking and investing easier than ever through the very first private social network of its kind. Flipping everything pre-established about the age-old capital accruement process on its head, Goldfingr’s innovative digital platform is set to completely reinvent the investment game as it seeks to become the proverbial “Amazon of Raising Capital.”

Acting as a one-stop-shop bridging capital, crypto, companies, and private equity, Goldfingr’s meticulous methodology has earned the company a number of awards since its foundation in 2014. While once operating with a brick-and-mortar clubhouse in New York City, Goldfingr has since adapted to the increasingly digital times by evolving its social media presence and developing its highly anticipated app, providing major business opportunities for its elite user base from the comfort of their own phones.

Keenly aware of the distinct needs of its high-rolling audience, Goldfingr has made privacy a key component of the development of its new Web 3.0 application. While giving its community opportunities to connect and network with each other, potentially facilitating project funding in the process, all interactions are closely guarded by end-to-end encryption across video, talk, and text. As such, Goldfingr’s users can candidly speak with one another about investment opportunities and venture potential with full confidence in the safety of the operations.

Goldfingr continues to revolutionize the concept of entrepreneur’s precious time with its streamlined transaction capabilities, providing a full-scale neo-bank compatible with crypto, its own proprietary coin, and Fiat currencies within the upcoming application’s walls. By combining high-end clients, large-sum deals, and a built-in money reserve into its all-in-one platform, Goldfingr all but eliminates the need for financial institutions’ participation in major deals, cutting down on the time typically required for raising capital, helping the world’s movers and shakers make the most of their time.

Thanks to its forward-thinking vision that’s firmly rooted in reality, Goldfingr’s one-of-a-kind capital-raising solution has already secured major funding in a recently closed investment round, and is anticipated to expand its elite influence upon the debut of Goldfingr’s proprietary token on major exchanges in the first quarter of 2022.

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