Glen Powell Reacts to His Mom Calling Him ‘A Little Douchey’


Glen Powell is seeing his star rise thanks to a career-turning role in Top Gun: Maverick, followed by a leading role in the romcom Anyone but You. Next, the Texas native stars in the Richard Linklater film Hit Man, which premiered at Sundance last month. But lest his newfound fame go to his head, Powell credits his mother Cyndy with keeping him down to earth.

“They do keep me humble, it’s very funny to be on this journey with them,” Powell recently told E! News. “Obviously sometimes you don’t realize the changes that are happening, but often your mother is the first person to realize that the temperature has changed a little.”

As far as what his mother calls him out for the most, the 35-year-old admitted that it was probably his outfits. “You know you go for style moments every once in awhile, like popping my collar she keeps trying to take down my collar. She’s like, ‘Glen, you know, could look a little douchey.'”

“And I’m like, ‘Well, Hollywood is sort of douchey sometimes,'” he quipped in his defense. “That’s what we’re doing here.”

After the interview published, Powell took to social media to further rib his mother. “Anyone have good nursing home recommendations?” he asked on X, formerly Twitter. I feel like it’s time.”

Anyone have good nursing home recommendations?

I feel like it’s time.

— Glen Powell (@glenpowell) February 3, 2024

But luckily for Cyndy, it seems like Powell is already getting fed up with certain aspects of fame—notably, having to stay in peak shape. In another recent interview, he said that fans could “absolutely not” expect him to appear in future topless beach scenes.

“From here on out, I will have something [in my contract] that says, ‘Please, no shirtless beach scene,'” he joked to Rolling Stone. “Look, I’m a corn-fed Texas boy. I have to actually work for this sh-t. I’m always down to take my shirt off, but to take your shirt off every day, you’re like, ‘When do I get to just eat ribs and tequila?’ Yeah, it’s not fun.”

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