Getting Pregnant & Improving Fertility Part 2: Foods for Fertility


Getting Pregnant & Improving Fertility Part 2: Foods for Fertility

If only there was a magic list of every single food to eat to ensure you get pregnant. The problem with that is every single body is different. Foods that work well for some, won’t for others. In today’s part 2 of our Getting Pregnant & Improving Fertility series we’ll chat about foods for fertility.

Foods for YOUR Body

Here’s the deal with all of the lists of “best foods for fertility” that are out there, a lot of foods that are good for fertility can cause major sensitivities and inflammation for people. In Part 1 of this series, we went over inflammation and egg health, if you missed it, you can read it here. Essentially, inflammation in your body causes your egg health to age, which obviously isn’t great for fertility.

It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

The first step in determining the best foods for you in your fertility journey is to test! Take a food sensitivities test before you go “all-in” on any foods for fertility list you find online. Once you determine what your individual sensitivities are, the next step is to see how your body digests these foods. 

Okay but I’m not sensitive to them so I should be fine right? 

Not quite. Your visceral system is in the same place as your reproductive system. So, if your body is working overtime to digest certain “foods for fertility” that you’re not sensitive to, this can also lead to inflammation. And again, inflammation leads to poor egg health. You want to make sure you’re adding in some digestive enzymes so your body can break down some of those foods you have a harder time digesting. The moral of the story here is to find out your personal food sensitivities, understand how your body reacts to them and fuel your body with healing AND nutrient-dense foods. Remember, eating whole, unprocessed foods is good for everyone, not just people trying to get pregnant.

For the full conversation with Elizabeth King, a certified international fertility coach, watch below!

Diets for Fertility:

  • The Mediterranean Diet – salmons, natural butters, omegas, etc.
  • The Paleo Diet – eating whole foods, unprocessed foods etc.

Stress, Strange Objects & Seeds

We can’t stress enough that what works for one person in terms of “fertility foods” might not work for you. Every body is different. We’ve seen people become extremely obsessive with some of the fertility foods and lists which can be very unhealthy and also internalize in your body. Stress affects the nervous system and your cortisol levels which can prevent pregnancy as well. If your body is okay with certain foods off any list you might be following, then you can still eat those things. Bottom line, if the lists are causing you more stress, they aren’t worth following! Another thing to be mindful of is anything that is in your body that didn’t originate there. Think breast implants, rods in your back, etc. Things that aren’t natural to your body can also cause inflammation in the body, so it’s worth having a look at! The last thing we want to mention is seed cycling for ovulation. The general idea here is to consume 1 tablespoon of flax and pumpkin seeds day 1-14 of your cycle for estrogen and then 1 tablespoon of sesame and sunflower seeds day 14-28 of your cycle for progesterone (if you’re not on a 28 day cycle, adjust accordingly).

No matter the stage of life you’re in, fueling your body properly, reducing inflammation, and understanding your individual sensitivities are so important. That’s why we created the Core Nutrition Program. The greatest wealth is your health, especially during pregnancy!


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