Get Connected With The Evolution of Grilling


First you could charge your phone. Then you could charge your car. Now you can charge…your grill?

Yes sir, you read that right. Meet the next evolution of the trusty grill, the Napoleon Rogue EQ™ Connected Electric Grill.

Napoleon GrillsNapoleon Grills

This full-size outdoor electric grill raises the bar of sustainability, no gas or propane to worry about running out of.  With the Napoleon Rogue EQ™ Connected Electric Grill you’re no longer limited to those smaller or portable versions of the electric grill we also know. With two burners, and a ton of features, this electric grill is just as powerful, sleek and dependable as your gas-powered grill.

If you like gadgets, you’ll love taking a step into the grilling future with full control through an app on your smartphone. A sharp LCD screen conveniently features the temperature and grill controls allowing you to easily see what’s happening inside. 

Napoleon GrillsNapoleon Grills

And just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it’s not versatile. Perhaps the Napoleon Rogue EQ Connected Electric Grill is even more dynamic than your traditional grill, offering three ways to cook:  grill mode for searing and normal grilling, oven mode for roasting and smoker mode to infuse some smoky flavor.

Napoleon GrillsNapoleon Grills

“Napoleon’s goal has always been to manufacture grills with the most advanced features on the market yet make them attainable to the grilling enthusiast. With our Rogue EQ series, we’re making sustainable technology and alternatives mainstream with a full-size grill at an affordable price” says Stephen Schroeter, Co-CEO, Napoleon.

Starting with two burners for now (and with offerings of three and four burners in the near future), the Napoleon Rogue EQ™ Connected Electric Grill provides ample room to feed a crowd. And you’ll need it once your neighbors and friends find out you’re in possession of the next revolution in grilling.

If you want to connect with the evolution in grilling, you’ll need to wait until this fall. However, you can get your name on the waiting list now. Sign up at and you’ll be the first on your street to possess the power of electric grilling at your fingertips.

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