Fitness Enthusiasts Are Ditching Their Apple Watches and Fitbits for This Garmin Watch, Which Is Now $50 Off


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Apple has become the dominant player in the wearables market. But there are good reasons to look elsewhere, especially if you’re looking for specific data and better battery life. Many athletes love Garmin for its in-depth health and fitness tracking.

Unsurprisingly, Garmin’s best tech comes at a steep price. But right now, Garmin’s Venu 3 is discounted to $400, a $50 savings. It’s still an investment, but for those in the market for a smartwatch who prioritize industry-leading health-tracking, convenient smartphone compatibility, and unbeatable battery life, it can be a worthwhile investment to make. Two colorways are available, and this deal ends on Feb. 16. 

Garmin Venu 3 in Slate/Black, $400 (was $450) at REI

Courtesy of REI


As a GPS brand with a fitness-focused approach, Garmin’s wearables are arguably less streamlined than tech-first brands like Apple or Samsung. Reviewers and customers have mentioned a learning curve with the user experience, but once you’re familiar, you can take advantage of the sheer number of health and tech features Garmin offers.

Garmin’s Venu 3 features over 30 custom workouts and sports, allowing you to track specific activities. In addition to the heart rate monitor, the watch has a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen, and it tracks daily steps, including those up flights of stairs. It’s designed for wheelchair users, too, and is capable of measuring arm pushes instead of steps. There are features designed specifically for cyclists and runners, and it’s suited to swimmers as well. 

Garmin Venu 3 in Silver/Whitestone, $400 (was $450) at REI

Courtesy of REI


A standout feature of the Venu 3 is sleep tracking. Many wearables offer sleep tracking, but Garmin monitors not only quantity but quality. In addition to hours slept, it can tell you how restful your sleep was and offer recommendations for improvement. The watch automatically starts tracking naps, too, so you get a better picture of your overall rest and recovery.

As for smartwatch features, the Venu 3 features a mic and speaker, allowing you to take calls directly from the watch. The watch can pair with wireless earbuds and is capable of saving music to the device through apps like Spotify. Plus, you can activate your voice assistant to reply to messages.

The Venu 3 offers up to 14 days of battery life on a charge. Battery life varies greatly depending on use, especially when using all of the tracking features or GPS. But compared to Apple’s stated 36 hours, Garmin’s Venu is a substantial leap.

Shoppers were impressed with the watch, including users who had come from competitors like Apple and Fitbit. One wrote, “I ditched my Apple Watch for the Venu 3 and I’m so glad I did,” adding, “I love all of the features, the style, app integration, etc!!” Another switched from Fitbit to Garmin, writing, “I decided to go with Garmin instead of Apple because the Venu 3 has 7- to 10-day battery life where the Apple watch has at most 36 hours.”

If you’re looking to take control of your health and fitness goals, Garmin’s Venu 3 makes it easier. For $50 off, it’s also easier on your financial health, but this deal ends on Feb. 16, so act fast. 

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