Expedition Cruises: Adventurous New Voyages to Book in 2022


After two years where passenger ships were largely kept in port, it looks like 2022 will be the year that cruises make a comeback. And to celebrate that, sailing companies across the board are rolling out all kinds of exciting new itineraries.

If you’re thinking about a cruise this year and want to experience something different, consider going on an expedition. Simply put, expedition ships are purpose-built to explore some of the most remote destinations on the planet, ranging from the Arctic and Antarctica to the Galapagos and tiny Pacific islands.

While large-scale cruising vessels are characterized by having hundreds (if not thousands) of rooms and a rigid itinerary of sailing from one port town to another, expedition ships are more intimate and have looser itineraries. Their smaller size allows them to stop in places that can’t accommodate massive cruise ships, and the flexible itineraries mean no two trips are ever the same. That might mean tucking into a secluded cove to swim with curious seals, hiking to a penguin colony, zipping between icebergs on an inflatable dinghy, or spending time in small communities that don’t often see visitors—let alone the hordes of tourists that typically arrive with bigger cruises.

Read on for our list of some of the newest and most exciting expedition itineraries on offer for 2022.

The Best Expedition Cruises to Book in 2022

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