Ep. #881: How Laurie Doubled Her Strength in 3 Months With My VIP Coaching


In this podcast, I interview Laurie, who did three months of Legion’s VIP one-on-one coaching program to get strong while improving her body composition. 

In fact, Laurie went from lifting just the bar on her squat and deadlift (and less than the bar on the bench press) to lifting more than double that on each lift with ease. And she did that all while losing 6 pounds and dropping nearly two pant sizes.

Laurie had started to read Thinner Leaner Stronger, but was overwhelmed by nutrition and meal planning and didn’t really know what to do in the gym. She was following random workouts from influences and didn’t have a set program to follow, which led to a lot of gym intimidation. Ultimately, she decided to get a coach to handle her training programming and macros and help overcome her fear. 

In this interview, Laurie and I chat about her story, and the obstacles she navigated along the way, including how she started meal planning and prepping and learned to eat without weighing everything, how she increased her protein intake, how she overcame gym intimidation, how much her body changed despite only losing 6 pounds, why it’s ok to work on your body and aim for self-improvement, what her long term plans are, and more.

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, definitely listen to this episode.


0:00 – Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching: https://buylegion.com/vip

5:37 – Where were you at before you found my training program?

10:48 – What did your numbers look like before and after my program?

16:32 – When you started training, were you concerned about getting bulky?

17:20 – How did you get used to the amount of protein? 

21:05 – How do you make your shakes tasty? 

22:29 – Were you practicing portion control while training or were you weighing and measuring your food?

25:38 – Are you still cutting?  

29:59 – How did you feel about gym intimidation when you first started and how do you feel about it now?

34:41 – Once you got into the routine, was it different from what you expected? 

37:42 – What are your long term goals and short term goals? 

39:02 – What are your thoughts on people who think you have an unhealthy relationship with working out? 

46:32 – After our coaching program, did you feel confident in moving forward on your own? 

Mentioned on the show: 

Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching

Thinner Leaner Stronger

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