‘Dune’ Superfan Builds Rideable Sand Worm for Sequel’s Premiere


A die-hard Dune: Part Two fan has gone viral for creating his own rideable sandworm to celebrate the premiere of Denis Villeneuve’s sequel, which opened to a powerful $81.5 million last weekend.

Josh Gammon uploaded the footage of @redprintrising’s death-defying ride to TikTok, which took place in the lobby of Tulsa, OK’s AMC Southroads 20. “Lead them to paradise,” Gammon captioned the clip, which shows @redprintrising winding through a packed crowd of matinee-goers on a motorized sandworm whilst decked out as Timothée Chalamet’s character, Paul Atreides.

It appears that the conveyance was made by putting a sandworm-resembling cloth on the outside of a motorized scooter, with two pull-up bars acting as navigational hooks. For all of @redprintrising’s effort, the patrons packing the lobby seemed oddly blasé about the sight unfolding in front of them.


lead them to paradise #dunemovie #dune #amctheaters

♬ original sound – History of Cinema

Many users poured into the comments to make a version of the same joke: that @redprintrising was riding his sandworm into a screening of Madame Web rather than Dune. An equal number were preoccupied by the logistics of the prank.

“They just let him in there to do that for the matinee screenings??!” one user queried.

“He called us prior to coming and asked if he could for pictures and videos, we said yes,” a commenter who apparently works at the theater replied.

@redprintrising also uploaded footage to his own account. It shows him navigating the sandworm through a maze of dumpsters in the parking lot before entering the theater and cruising the halls on his creation. At the very end of the clip, he can be seen rehydrating with a neon-blue beverage at the theater’s bar. Surprisingly, it wasn’t one of the chain’s Dune-themed cocktails.

“Raise your hand if you knew Dune was non-fiction,” one commenter quipped upon seeing the montage.


Thanks for letting me harness the desert @AMC Theatres #dune #duneparttwo #ridetheworm

♬ original sound – History of Cinema

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