Drew Barrymore Confesses She Left Her ‘Sex List’ at Danny DeVito’s House


It’s no secret that Drew Barrymore had to grow up fast. As someone who’s been in the public eye since she was a baby, she famously got into some adult-level misadventures as an adolescent. It turns out that her sexual history almost came back to haunt her as a result of her admittedly poor memory. 

She recounted the incident on the May 1 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show with Ross Mathews and CBS Mornings anchors Tony Dokoupil, Nate Burleson, and Vladimir Duthiers. They were discussing a March report in The Independent that found that millennial women are making lists of their phones of the people they’ve have sex with. Barrymore admitted that she did the same thing, though the old-fashioned way years ago. 

“I made a list,” she confessed. “It was back in the day. I did it with paper and pen.” 

“I’m the most disorganized person. I lose everything,” she continued, adding, “I left it at someone’s house.”

She went on to break down just what happened. “I was producing a film [Duplex] that Danny DeVito was directing,” she recounted. “I wrote the list on the back of a set of notes for the film… So I left it at Danny DeVito’s house.”

DeVito came on Barrymore’s show in 2022 and she shared with him just what happened two decades ago. “I did admit it to him,” Barrymore told the panel of his appearance. “He came on the show and I was like, ‘I left my sex list at your house.'”

DeVito teased her about it when he came on the show and she asked if he ever found it. “As a matter of fact, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this. Some of the names on that [list]…” he started. “I made a copy of it and it’s gonna be in my autobiography.”

But he was just pulling her leg. “I never saw it,” he assured her. “Your secret’s safe with me.”

It would certainly be a priceless piece of paper if it were to turn up today. 

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