Dave Portnoy Fuming He Wasn’t Invited to Tom Brady Roast


Big-name celebrities and athletes came together on May 5 for The Roast of Tom Brady as the seven-time Super Bowl champ was in the hot seat and faced jabs coming from every direction. One notable person not in attendance was Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy despite some of his peers being at the show. 

Portnoy shared his thoughts on his snub on the May 8 episode of Barstool’s BFFs podcast. 

“I thought I was a little bit of a bigger star than I am. Clearly, I overestimated myself,” Portney confessed. “Everyone in the sun made it to that event; I didn’t even get a ‘Hey, we’re doing it.'”

It turns out he didn’t learn it was happening until he booted up Netflix, where the roast was live-streamed, and saw it on the main menu. “You know how I saw it?” he said. “I went on Netflix to find a movie, and then I just took it in. No idea it was coming.”

Portnoy’s emotions were palpable, especially since his BFFs co-hosts Josh Richards and Brianna “Chickenfry” LaPaglia were both invited; LaPaglia was in the crowd. And they weren’t the only Barstool figures there, as Grace O’Malley and Josh Feitelberg—known as Feits—were also in attendance. 

“Why would Netflix invite you over me? No offense to anyone basically in the world,” Portnoy fumed to his co-hosts. “No one even told it was f–king happening.”

“Outside of the fact that half my company was there and got invited, apparently, except me,” Portnoy said. “Our entire company was based around the Patriots’ reign. I was there when he came back with Tampa Bay, a lot of other things.”

Still, he didn’t let his anger about the situation get the best of him. “Other than that it was great,” he conceded. 

The Roast of Tom Brady is streaming now on Netflix. 

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