Dave Portnoy Doubles Barstool’s Donation to Family of Slain NYPD Officer


Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports have raised $1.5 million for slain New York City police officer Jonathan Diller, The Daily Mail reported. The fundraiser initially netted $750,000 in donations from Portnoy’s followers, with the Barstool co-founder matching the amount at the last minute.

Diller was killed on Monday while performing a traffic stop in Queens. The 31-year-old, who left behind a wife and one-year-old son, joined the NYPD in February 2021. His alleged killer, 34-year-old Guy Rivera, is being held without bail. Rivera has been arrested 21 previous times for drug and other violent offenses, including a gun charge in April 2023.

According to multiple reports, Diller and his partner were working with a task force focused on automobile crimes. On Monday afternoon, they approached Rivera and the second suspect, 41-year-old Lindy Jones, to inquire about their parking spot.

Initial reports indicated that the officers approached because the suspects were parked in a bus zone. However, The New York Post later reported that the suspects were parked in a metered spot, but had remained there for an excessive amount of time.

Authorities have now indicated that the officers approached because they suspected Rivera and Jones were casing a T-Mobile store in the quiet Far Rockaway neighborhood.

The officers reportedly asked the suspects to roll down their windows. When they declined, Diller instructed the suspects to display their hands. Rivera instead allegedly pulled out his firearm and shot Diller once, hitting him in the stomach below his protective vest, before the gun jammed. Diller’s partner then shot Rivera in the back. He remains hospitalized in stable condition.

At the time, Rivera was out on bail for the April 2023 gun offense. A separate report from The New York Post indicated that Rivera was expecting to be arrested on Monday in relation to a separate charge, which may be why he reacted violently when confronted by Diller.

Police allege that Jones was the person driving the vehicle, while Rivera pulled the trigger. According to ABC 7 New York, Jones was arraigned on Wednesday. They were charged with criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a defaced firearm, known colloquially as “ghost guns.”

“Thanks to everybody who donated,” Portnoy wrote on X Wednesday night. “We raised $750k. With the matching of the funds that brings the total to $1.5 million that will go directly to the family.”

“I know money doesn’t cure this,” Portnoy said in a video recorded earlier in the day. “Nothing can cure this, but it’s the least we can do,” he continued. “Barstool, myself, we’ve got a long history supporting the cops, supporting the boys in blue, supporting first responders.”

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