Country Star Jelly Roll Reveals 70-Pound Weight Loss From 5K Training


Grammy-nominated country star Jelly Roll is known for his powerful voice and inspiring life story, going from incarceration to the top of the charts. Now, he’s looking to tackle his physical health. 

The singer caught up with TMZ after participating in Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura’s 2 Bears 5K Race at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl earlier this week. During the conversation, he reflected on the experience and revealed how the training regimen has affected him.

“I just did my first 5K. It was huge man. I feel almost emotional man it was crazy. I lost a little bit of weight trying to do this,” he said. 

In fact, the country star revealed that it’s been more than just a little weight. “I truly have lost like 70 pounds getting ready for this. I’ve been training a few days a week pretty hard,” he said. “The coolest thing was the camaraderie. The amount of people who stopped and hugged you and loved on you along the way and just encouraged each other. It’s a really cool vibe.”

He was also a fan of the party atmosphere, something he didn’t expect going into the race.

“Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura know how to put on a party. They’ll entice you, because they ended it with cold plunges, saunas, and vodka,” he mused. “I would have done way more 5Ks if I knew people tailgated in the parking lot and ate hot dogs and drank beer before them. This has been the coolest experience ever. I felt like I was coming to a Lynard Skynyrd show. Based on this one, I’d do another one for sure.”

Jelly Roll went on to explain that focusing on his physical and mental health has been a rewarding experience. “It’s funny in life we think money will solve all our problems, and then God blessed me with some of it and I realized it didn’t solve them. I realized health is wealth,” he said. 

In his trademark style, he also offered some inspirational advice to everyone watching his progress. 

“It ain’t even about just losing weight, baby. I hope I’m inspiring anybody just trying to do a little better,” he said. “I was a horrible human for so long. I was the epitome of a bad human. I’ve messed up in every way you can, and one thing at a time I’ve corrected. I’m just now getting to the weight, but I had to correct a bunch of it that was gonna kill me first.” 

The setting for the moment was fitting. Race organizer Bert Kreischer had also gone through his own health transformation, shedding nearly 50 pounds in recent years.

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