Chris Hemsworth ‘Pissed Off’ Over False Reports of Alzheimer’s Diagnosis


Chris Hemsworth is setting the record straight about his predisposition for Alzheimer’s disease. In a recent profile published by Vanity Fair, the Thor: Love and Thunder star admitted that he’s “pissed off” over erroneous reports that he’s already been diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease.

Hemsworth learned that he was predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease whilst filming his 2020 Disney+/Nat Geo reality show Limitless, which saw him embark on challenges to lengthen his life and stave off the effects of aging. Hemsworth revealed in an episode that he possesses two copies of the APOE4 gene, which means his risk of developing Alzheimer’s is eight to 10 times greater than the average person’s.

But some have confused Hemsworth’s revelation with an admission of diagnosis, and the star wants to set the record straight.

“It really kind of pissed me off because it felt like I had been vulnerable with something personal and shared this,” Hemsworth told Vanity Fair. “No matter how much I said, ‘This is not a death sentence,’ the story became that I have dementia and I’m reconsidering life and retiring and so on.”

Hemsworth previously told Entertainment Tonight in June 2023 that rumors of his retirement had gotten “blown out of proportion…I wanted to take time off because I’ve been working for 10 years, and I’ve got three kids that I want to spend more time with,” he told the outlet. “The information about the predisposition… allowed me to make a whole bunch of other changes… from nutrition to my training to my mental fitness.”

Hemsworth spoke to Men’s Health last October about some of the lifestyle changes he’s undertaken. “I’ve always been pretty consistent with my exercise commitments, but lately I’ve really felt the importance of taking time for yourself without any outside voice or stimulation and making time for stillness,” the actor reflected.

But Hemsworth admitted to Vanity Fair during his recent interview that the reports of his retirement, while frustrating, weren’t entirely without mirth. “I did read a really funny comment at the bottom of one article,” he laughed. “‘I hope Chris forgets he’s retiring and comes back.'”

Hemsworth is promoting his villainous role in Furiosa, which hits theaters on May 24. You can check out a trailer below, and read Hemsworth’s full VF profile here.

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