Carbohydrate requirements & how to improve your willpower [Podcast]

menno henselmans siim land

Siim Land did a 2-part interview with me on carbohydrate requirements and willpower improvement. We went into our last systematic review on the effect of carbohydrate intake on your performance in the gym and my book.   Part 1: Carbohydrate requirements 01:47 Menno et al.’s New Meta-analysis 06:50 Strength vs Muscle Growth 08:55 Muscle Glycogen Resynthesis Without Carbs 13:08 Could You Go Zero Carb? 15:45 Carbs & Willpower 20:45 Carb Intake Timing 23:55 What Carbs to Eat 27:10 Carb Cycling For Plateaus?   Listen on Spotify   Listen on Apple Podcasts   Part 2: Improving your willpower 04:55 Is Willpower…[Read More]

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