Caitlin Clark Addresses Ice Cube’s $5 Million Big3 Offer, Shares Decision Timeline


Caitlin Clark has become a breakout star in women’s college basketball. The University of Iowa player has broken records throughout her time on the court, and the current senior is gearing up for a professional career that’s sure to be filled with victories and accolades. And while the WNBA draft isn’t until mid-April, she’s already fielding an expensive offer from rapper Ice Cube

On March 29, Clark spoke to reporters about Cube’s recent $5 million offer to join his Big3 basketball league. According to TMZ, she confessed she knew nothing about the deal behind the scenes and admitted she learned about it at “the same exact time you all did.”

She explained that she doesn’t have a hands-on role in those types of negotiations, and because she’s busy with March Madness at the moment, it’s not exactly top of mind for her. “I honestly don’t talk about those things with really anybody,” Clark said. “I have other people that deal with it. They haven’t said a word to me about it. And, my main focus is on this team and helping us find a way to beat Colorado and hopefully win another one after that.”

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The Iowa Hawkeyes are currently in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament and are set to take on the Colorado Buffaloes on March 30. It would be a cherry on top of an illustrious college career to advance to the Elite Eight on April 1, the Final Four on April 5, and take her team to the championship title on April 7. The WNBA draft, where she’s expected to be a number-one pick for the Indiana Fever, is set to take place April 15, so Ice Cube could get his final answer in the coming weeks. 

Clark didn’t signal either way whether she was going to pursue the Big3 offer, but the Cube is hopeful she’ll say yes. “This is a special situation, a special player that’s moving the needle in a lot of different areas,” the former N.W.A. rapper said in a March 27 appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. “Of course, our sponsors are very interested in a player like this. This is our first look at planning to go after this aggressively because we know it would move the needle in the league and that’s where we want to be.”

Until then, Clark is simply focused on the task in front of her. 

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