Bud Light Super Bowl Ad Unites Dana White, Peyton Manning, Post Malone


Post Malone is appearing in his third Super Bowl ad for Bud Light, and to commemorate the occasion, he brought a few friends along with him. Bud Light’s spot on next Sunday’s game features NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and UFC president Dana White joining Post Malone to make some drinkers’ wishes come true.

The 60-second spot, entitled Easy Night Out, follows a group of hard-partying friends that accidentally summon the Bud Light Genie, who goes about granting the group’s fondest desires. After running through the more predictable wishes (hair, invisibility, wealth) the friends begin wishing for famous companions.

Post Malone, Manning, and White hang with the crowd and they’re transported to a lively nightclub, a UFC championship, and a raging house party with a dinosaur.

“I’m here for the three-peat and stoked to be back with Bud Light for my third Super Bowl commercial,” the “Better Now” singer said in a statement. “We created something truly epic and pretty damn funny together that I know the fans will love.”

In its release, the beer giant describes the Bud Light Genie as “a new friend of the brand,” which means we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of him to come. To launch their new spokesperson, Bud Light is running an exclusive giveaway for fans.

Beginning on Tuesday and running until game day on February 11, the Bud Light Genie will be granting wishes for fans nationwide through the brand’s Easy Wish Sweepstakes. Those who enter have the chance to win a luxurious getaway to Las Vegas, complete with ample beer money, for your friends and family.

You can enter for your chance to win here.

The Bud Light Genie will also be popping up with more giveaways throughout 2024, offering tickets to events like March hoops, UFC matches, and NFL games.

You can check out the full ad starring Post Malone. Peyton Manning, Dana White, and the Bud Light Genie below.

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