Best Private Boat Rentals and Yacht Charters


Does workday malaise have you fantasizing about gently bobbing in turquoise Caribbean waters on a catamaran? Or perhaps chomping on a five-course feast created by a private chef on a Catalina Island yacht charter? Whatever your deep-blue desire and chosen yacht-friendly destination, these stellar boat rentals and yacht charters can steer you to your version of paradise.

Boating brokers run the gamut. Some will simply help direct you to the right do-it-yourself local boat rental. Others serve more like Airbnb-ish platforms for boating vacationers. Then there are those over-the-top yacht outfitters that want to know your favorite scent before boarding so they can candle shop accordingly. Here are 11 of our favorite boat rentals and yacht charters to make your dream cruise a reality.

Best Private Boat Rentals and Yacht Charters Yacht deck with hot tub and sun loungersCourtesy Image1. Fraser

This luxury yacht charter company provides rentals—everything from motor yachts to classic sailing yachts to crewed superyachts—in destinations around the world, including Antarctica. In 2021, Fraser’s fleet saw an increase in bookings of 112 percent with 40 percent of clients being first-time renters. It’s because of this surge in interest that charters have shortened the typical booking window of three to six months prior to setting sail to just seven to 10 days. On the fence about throwing down the cash? Think of it this way: If you’re traveling with multiple couples, chartering a yacht will be comparable in cost to paying for a luxury cruise—the upside being you’ve got the whole vessel to yourself.

Learn More Sailing yacht parked by a tropical outcrop.Courtesy Image2. Sail.Play.Dine

Say all aboard to the Caribbean boat escape of your dreams. This company specializes in charters in the U.S., British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Saint Vincent, and Grenadines. Whether you’re looking for a personalized charter to pop the question or a vacation with your college buddies, the Sail.Play.Dine team will put together a customized itinerary that utilizes their insider knowledge to match you with the right boat and crew for your needs. The starting price is $7,500 for a captain-only boat (not including meals or drinks) for seven days for up to four guests—or $9,900 for up to six guests for four nights on an all-inclusive rental. Super-luxury yachts in the six-figure range are also up for grabs.

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