Best Peptide Vendors


Let’s face it. You’re spoiled rotten aren’t you. You have so many options for Peptide Suppliers you’re not even sure which one to go for anymore! This one has great marketing, but that one has better Third Party Tested results.

Obviously you should go for the first, right? Fear not my friend for in the next 10 – 15 minutes we’re going to whittle down this castle of confusion and get to the bottom of it. Who are really, the Best Peptide Vendors.

Most Popular Peptides and Uses

Category 📚 Mechanism 🪓 Popular Peptides ⭐
Muscle Building Increase in amount of cells – Hyperplasia GHRP, GHRH
Fat Loss Limits lipoprotein lipase (LPL) HGH, HGH Fragment
Recovery Increased blood flow TB500, BPC 157
Others Tan, Increased apatite Melanotan, GHRP-6

Best Peptide Vendors

#1 Most Trusted Peptide Vendor

Paradigm Peptides

Established in 2014, Paradigm Peptides really focused on supplying high quality peptides, SARMs and other research products to their customers. Producing in the States, Paradigm has some mixed reviews online. The reviews on their site are all 5 star. All of them, barring a select few. This to me is a big red flag, as it’s virtually impossible to perfectly satisfy every single customer.

Offering a wide range of products, ranging from peptides, to SARMs, to CBD products as well. They also provide Lab Equipment which is a nice touch. Their UX and UI is pretty good quality, and they have quite a few payment options available.


  • Bitcoin is a payment method
  • Very up to date blog
  • Wide variety of products


  • Other companies have more peptides
  • Other companies have better reviews on Reddit

#2 Most Trusted Peptide Vendor

Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz is a site that just looks the business. And by judging the amount of products they sell, they are absolutely just the business. Supplying everything from peptides, to SARMs, to other research chemicals. They’ve branched out to provide liquid and tablet SARMs which is a nice touch.

The also have a great range of peptides, and peptide combinations. The point system they run is something that is always going to be beneficial for saving a few bucks, and the fact that they’re US based, combined with the competitive pricing means they’re really up there in the ranks of great peptide vendors.

Full brand review


  • Wide range of products
  • Cost effective
  • Provides COA
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Regular sales and discount codes


  • Certificates of authenticity not available
  • Does not accept credit cards

#3 Most Trusted Peptide Vendor

Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems is a company that sells quite a range of peptides, but also sells a lot of SARMs and accessory items as well.  They really pride themselves on quality, posting Independent Testing Results, and really striving to be open about the quality of their products.

They provide a great range of peptides, ranging from bog standard BPC 157 to more interesting things like EPO (Erythropoietin). They have great reviews on their site, as well as on Reddit. They provide a Cashback Program, Affiliation, and just has one of the better UX and UI that I’ve encountered in my research.

Use promo code PIFF for 10% off

Full brand review


  • COAs published for all SARMs
  • 20% crypto discount
  • Sells global


  • Injectable SARMs are no longer sold
  • Does not offer SARMs in powder form
  • 15% restocking fee on returns

#4 Most Trusted Peptide Vendor

Peptide Sciences

Peptide Sciences is one of the online venders with the widest range of peptides I have seen. The list is more impressive than your browser history, and the dosing variations of the products is truly remarkable. They’re also really driven to educate people on the different products they have.

They also provide blends of products like this CJC 1295 with the appropriate GHRP-6.  The only real drawback they have as a vendor, is the fact that they do not provide any reviews on their website. For that you’ll have to pop over to Reddit, however when you’re there you will not be disappointed. The anecdotal evidence fits perfectly with their vision of superior quality peptides.


  • Highly researched and regulated products
  • Massive range available 
  • Offers bulk buy options


  • No customer review 
  • No cashback or return option available 
  • Only provides on product, peptides

#5 Most Trusted Peptide Vendor

Best Peptide Vendors

The Pep Warehouse

If you’re the type of person who reads the bio on Tinder and doesn’t just look at their pics, this might be the place for you. Aesthetically they are not up to par with their peers, and as far as I can tell, they don’t have any evidence on their site that their products are tested, nor do they have any reviews… They say in their description their products are superior quality, upwards of 95%, but my dad said he loved me so, who can you trust? They don’t have the documents, whereas other vendors do.

Warehouse. Take a stroll down Reddit lane and you’ll see people complaining that their recent products being under dosed and not doing what they claim it’s supposed to. They do have one amazing Token system, basically every dollar you spend, you get one token (1 Token = $1 in value) to use on their site.


  • Token System
  • Provide order tracking


  • Woeful UX and UI
  • No onsite reviews
  • People claim they are under dosed

#6 Most Trusted Peptide Vendor

Best Peptide Vendors

American Research Lab

As the name suggests, they’re a company based in the States, and strives to supply high quality peptides, SARMs, and other research products like AIs. The site isn’t going to set your world ablaze, and as far as I can tell they do not provide any evidence that their products are third party tested.

Some of their products come in half the price of competitors. I’m not some snob who only buys the most expensive just for the sake of it, however that low price does raise questions. Take your search to Reddit and you’ll find reports like these from Reddit username u/OKMedic93: “American research labs BPC 157 and TB 500 bunk?”

“Have used both those for almost a month for tennis elbow with no change and actually seems to be getting worse. ARL has been my go to in the past and their other products are legit but not sure about the BPC and TB. Has anybody else had experience with them like this?”


  • Extremely cost effective


  • Worryingly cheap
  • No COA at all
  • No on site reviews

So, which is best?

The age old questions. Who does mom love more, me or my perfect, overachieving brother? Do I buy a Challenger or a Mustang? And why hasn’t dad come back from the store yet, it’s been 5 years? Okay, if I were to purchase from one of these vendors I would go for either Pure Rawz, Swiss Chems or Science Peptides.

Unfortunately, when it comes to these types of products, you get what you pay for. Buying the cheapest option you can get your hands on is just a sure fire way of getting inferior products and being left disappointed. While Pure Rawz is cost effective, it’s not to such an extend where it’s worrying.

They have a good UX and UI, and really strive to be transparent about their products and the quality of them as well.

pure rawz review

Their site has a great synergy of amazing reviews and people who just felt lukewarm about their products, which is how it’s supposed to be. Some had complaints with shipping, which is expected in Covid times. Pure Rawz is 100% legit, and a great company.

Swiss Chems is another company that doesn’t create some facade of perfection. They have a great range of products, peptides, SARMs, and other research chemicals. They aren’t super expensive, in fact they have great deals at most times, as well as a nifty cashback system as well. Reviews are split between great product and service vs bad service. They do offer quite a few payment methods, but unfortunately they do not cover shipping costs. All in all, Swiss Chems seems like a good peptide vendor.


Lastly, we have Peptide Sciences. Looking at their site, you’ll be met with a cold environment. Precise. Calculated. Like a surgeons tool. That’s what they represent, and I like it. I would pick calm and calculated over flashy and taking the wrong product due to negligent manufacturing processes. Peptide Sciences emphasizes that they provide exceptional quality, and they have COA to back their claims. Looking at online reviews (they don’t provide on site reviews) you’ll see that people are willing to cough up the price difference, because they’re just that good.

Best Peptide Vendors

What are Peptides?

Just a variation of amino acids really. Yup, the thing that you think will turn you into Ronnie Coleman overnight is simply just combinations of good ‘ol Arginine and Leucine. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. See, peptides are chains of certain amino acids, but do not get classified as proteins.

Best peptide vendors

The bonds between these amino acids are called “Peptide Bonds”, hence the name peptides. Peptides usually contain 2-50 amino acids within its chain, and depending on which amino acids and the sequence, it can have varying effects on the body. Peptides are found everywhere in nature, from eggs to plant proteins. The most common ones we know of in a commercial sense, are Collagen and Creatine.


This Bulk Supplements Collagen is a form of peptides. Collagen is technically a protein, but the end product your body actually uses are Collagen Peptides. Same goes for Creatine, just a sequence of amino acids. These amino acids will act upon the body, and the most common mechanism they undergo, is causing the release of Growth Hormone. Growth hormone is really the king of peptides, and can lead to muscular growth, fat loss, general well being as well as making you look better; younger. Look at any pro’s cycle, we commonly see 3-4 units of HGH daily in their protocol.

How do Peptides work?

Peptides work completely different to exogenous hormones and SARMs. While those cause hypertrophy, peptides (those that are used for growth) cause hyperplasia. Hyperplasia is the growth of the number of muscle cells within a muscle. Hypertrophy is the growth of existing muscle cells. This may sound very intriguing, but the growth of those new muscle cells takes ages to actually show up. That’s why we almost always hear people say “Yeah HGH is great but man it takes so long to see the effects so you gotta run it like 90 days straight!”.

Best Peptide Vendors

The combination of SARMs or Steroids with muscle growth peptides would theoretically create a fantastic synergy for muscle growth. Compared to the former two, peptides provides fewer side effects which increases the appeal of them significantly. Bonus, peptides aren’t only just for muscle gain.

Peptide Benefits

You drive a Ferrari because you want people to think you can drive fast. You drive a Mustang because you hate crowds. And you drive a Prius because you hate yourself. Every car has a purpose, and so do peptides. There are frankly too many to mention, but they usually fall into 4 main categories: Muscle builders, fat loss accessories, recovery helpers, and then a few random ones doing very niche and specific things.

Category 📚 Mechanism 🪓 Popular Peptides ⭐
Muscle Building Increase in amount of cells – Hyperplasia GHRP, GHRH
Fat Loss Limits lipoprotein lipase (LPL) HGH, HGH Fragment
Recovery Increased blood flow TB500, BPC 157
Others Tan, Increased apatite Melanotan, GHRP-6
1) Are Peptides Legal?

Peptides may only be sold as research chemicals, and may not be marketed as supplements or for human consumption.

2) Are Peptides Safe?

It depends. Theoretically, there are no unsafe products. They are only unsafe if you use them wrong. Inject 100 units of Growth in 2 days, yes you’ll most likely end up in ER – so don’t do that. Using 2 units of Growth daily , yes that’s relatively safe.

3) Can Peptides help for weight loss?

Absolutely. Peptides such as HGH or HGH Fragment can massively aid in weight loss.

4) How do I know if my Peptides are real?

Check the COA from the Peptide Vendors, and see if you feel/see results. If your BPC 157 isn’t making your injuries feel better, then it might be bunk. It won’t work on your heartbreak after failing that PR though. Those peptides don’t exist yet.


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