Best Grill Brushes and Tools of 2024 to Master Any Flame


the best charcoal grills, pellet grills, gas grills, and smokers are nothing without the best grill brush and grills tools. OK, maybe not nothing, but you need your supporting cast to make cooking and cleaning as enjoyable as possible.

All of that great meaty goodness comes with a price—in the form of grease globs and chunks of charred meat littering the grill grate. That’s why learning how to clean a grill is essential. If you ever want to use those grates to good effect again, you’ll need to tend to them with the best grill brush. 

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That’s why Weber 18-Inch Three-Sided Grill Brush is our best grill tool overall. It’s robust, strong, and a total steal. At under $20, this workhorse makes properly cleaning and preparing your metal canvas a breeze. 

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Best Grill Tool Overall: Weber 18-Inch Three-Sided Grill Brush Weber 18” Three-Sided Grill Brush is our pick for the one grilling tool you have to have.

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For its friendly price and burly sturdiness, Weber Three-Sided Brush is hands down the best grill tool around. Get into the habit of addressing all that grease and baked-on gunk. This Weber brush is simple but stout, with two steel rods wrapped around each other, a pile of steel bristles at the end, and a comfortable composite handle. That’s it. The wide front bristles tackle any grate with ease, from ceramic-coated to cast iron. The brush’s shorter sides are designed to clean the edges between the grates and any other greasy nooks and crannies for a thorough job. 

$19 at weber

Best Nylon Grill Brush: Traeger BBQ Cleaning Brush Traeger BBQ Cleaning Brush

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Traeger BBQ Cleaning Brush features nylon bristles that are designed to clean grill grates once they’ve cooled down (read: not cold and definitely not hot). So you’ll want to keep that in mind before investing in this brush or cleaning your grill with it. The body is constructed of stainless steel for durability. A teak wood handle offers a dual grip to help apply pressure to the grill grates for even cleaning. Unlike steel bristles, these nylon ones won’t damage your grates or, worse, accidentally get deposited in any food you’re grilling. When the bristles wear out, simply replace the brush heads.

$30 at traeger

Best Safety Grill Brush: Grill Rescue Brush Grill Rescue Brush

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Created by a firefighter, this brand declares its Grill Rescue Brush is the “world’s safest grill brush”—in that it doesn’t use wire bristles and is made using highly heat-resistant materials. Using the power of steam to clean your grill, it features a strong composite handle that holds a cleaning head made from durable, heat-resistant aramid fiber (the same material used in the gear firefighters wear). The scraper is great for those persistent grease buildups, and the cleaning head easily detaches for putting in the dishwasher—or for easy replacement when it eventually wears out.

$50 at amazon

Best Grill Brush Splurge: Grand Grill Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Brush Grand Grill Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

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This is indeed the Grand Grill Daddy of grill brushes—harnessing the power of steam to sterilize nasty grill grates. We used it to clean multiple grills as well as a flat top (or griddle) grill—with results you’d expect and demand from a steam-powered grill brush pushing $80. Using it is a cinch. Simply reheat the grill, fill the brush handle with water, and release a measured amount of water from the brush head onto the grill grate. That H2O then turns to steam upon contact with the heated grill surface, providing a deep cleaning you can’t get with a normal brush. For those tough-to-reach areas, flip the brush over and water will shower down from the three-row scraper. Afterwards, load the brush heads into the dishwasher so they’re clean and ready for next time.

$79 at amazon

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Best Grilling Knife: New West Knifeworks Tactical Outdoor Chef Knife New West Knifeworks Tactical Outdoor Chef Knife

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Every guy loves to have a wide range of quality knives at his disposal when getting into grilling mode. But if you could only have one knife for handling all of your outdoor cooking tasks, here’s your blade. The New West Knifeworks chef knife is created with a unique blade shape that includes the attributes of a petty knife, slicer, and chopper to make quick work of any grilled meats or veggies. It also features a unique handle made from G10 and rubber composite to eliminate slipping or sliding when the meat gets juicy. Crafted in Montana from CPM S35VN “super-steel” for excellent hardness and toughness, the TOC is a high-quality knife that you’ll be passing down to the next in grill-duty line. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty and lifetime sharpening.

$450 at new west knifeworks

Best Grill Carving Knife: Williams The Carver Williams The Carver Knife

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Well-known for their top-of-the-line hunting, fishing, and everyday carry knives, Williams Knife Co. recently introduced their own line of culinary knives. Made from durable and strong Elmax steel with G10 handle material in multiple colors, these new knives will slice like a dream in the kitchen, backyard, or campsite. We like The Carver, with its thin, 9.25-inch blade that makes it a perfect performance tool for your next smoked brisket, beer can chicken, or pork loin before a hungry audience. 

$189 at williams knife

Best Grilling Tool Set: Toadfish Ultimate Grill Set + Case Toadfish Ultimate Grill Set + Case Grilling Tools

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This grill set from Toadfish is almost as playful as it is functional. Each of the three tools in the kit are a re-imagination of traditional grilling tool designs with modern features and materials added to the mix. Made from the highest quality stainless steel paired with soft-touch inlays for a comfortable yet reliable grip, the set comes complete with the ultimate spatula, tongs, and grill fork. It’s all packaged in a hard-sided case for easy storage—or transport, when grilling duty calls beyond the backyard on an overlanding trip or fishing expedition.

$50 at amazon

Best Grill Thermometer: ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE Thermometer 

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ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE is widely regarded as the gold standard of instant-read thermometers, and the reason is clear. It’s a durable, easy-to-use thermometer that won’t fail you when trying to determine whether your brisket that’s been on the smoker for 12 hours is still caught in a stall or about to bust through and bring you to meat candy heaven. The durable plastic case feels good in your hand when probing meat, and the easily deployable stainless steel temp probe turns on right when you rotate it out. Temps—which register in one second—are easy to see even in the dark with the bright display. It comes with a five-year warranty.

$109 at thermoworks

Best Grilling Wireless Thermometer: MEATER 2 Plus MEATER 2 Plus Thermometer 

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Upgrade your grilling game with the MEATER 2 Plus, an updated smart thermometer from the grill gurus at Meater. This new temperature tool now features higher temp limits (up to 1,000 degrees), is 100-percent waterproof, utilizes fast charging, includes wireless technology with a longer range, and can provide custom alerts for tailored grilling. All those features are available at the tip of a finger on an easy-to-use app.

$130 at amazon

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Best Grilling Cast Iron Pan: Le Creuset Alpine Outdoor Collection Skillet

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