Ben Affleck Responds to Sad Ben Memes in Hilarious New Dunkin’ Commercial


Ben Affleck is using his latest Dunkin’ ad to respond to the infamous “sad Ben” memes that continue to define the actor online. The spot aired during Sunday’s Grammy Awards and served to parody Affleck’s appearance at last year’s ceremony. The Air director was pictured looking sullen and disinterested throughout the telecast while his wife, Jennifer Lopez, beamed enthusiastically and congratulated winners throughout.

In the new Dunkin’ spot, Affleck seems to imply that his morose energy arose from the music industry snubbing his entreaties. It begins with Affleck calling Lopez, telling her he had “a crazy dream” in which he had “come up with some beats,” suggesting that “maybe we put that on the new record.”

“I even had a persona, like J. Lo or B. Lo,” he suggested. “That’s the bad version, obviously.”

After being rebuffed by his own spouse, Affleck brings a few of his musical samples (on CD) to a producer before seeking some performance advice from Charlie D’Amelio. That meeting goes about as well as his conference with Ice Spice, and Affleck is soon back to fending for himself.

“They tell you you’re not good,” Affleck says of his critics. “You’re a goofy, middle-aged white guy with no rhythm and you can’t sing on key. You’re not coordinated. That means I can’t be a pop star?”

“Underestimate Boston?” the star asks while donning a large, donut-shaped necklace. “At your peril.”

Even though the music industry has ignored Affleck, it seems his Dunkin’ partnership is allowing him to flex his musical wings. The end of this spot seems to promise that the next will bring a full-fledged song from Affleck. Hopefully, J. Lo will return his calls by then.

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