Becoming Ronin Podcast – #4 – The Fear of Success, How To Heal Your Mindset, Smitty’s Hacks For Progress

In today’s episode, we announce our very first winner of our custom Becoming Ronin Yeti water bottles. Smitty and OB share the Weekly Words of Wisdom and lay out a lesson in identifying success. They continue with a warning about how the “fear of success” is holding you back and how to overcome this to manifest your goals.  Then Smitty and OB take to Instagram Q&A listener questions, which sparks discussion about mistakes they both have made when training in the early years, how to auto-regulate your training, a huge hack for when you’re feeling run down, and much more… TIMESTAMPS [0:00] INTRO [0:14] Picking a winner for a custom Ronin Yeti [1:36] Weekly Words of Wisdom [7:25] The Fear of Success is Preventing Your Success [10:34] Earning Success vs. “Deserving” Success [12:29] How To Remove Yourself From the Procrastination Loop [14:15] Allowing Yourself to Be Inspired By Others [16:21] Begin The Process of Healing to Manifest Your Goals [17:21] What is your motivation to help others? [22:00] Mistakes Smitty and OB made when they started training clients [26:00] Biggest Discrepancies Between Text Books and Real World Training [30:00] Patch Your Leaks Before Adding Horsepower [31:00] The Emotional Disconnect between Education and Application [34:00] Smitty’s Hacks for Auto-regulating Your Training [38:10] Don’t Ignore This Warning Sign When Training [39:43] A Huge Training Hack For When You’re Feeling Run Down

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