Becoming Ronin Podcast – #3 – Training in the Morning, Best Marketing Strategies, and Making Tough Decisions

In today’s episode, Smitty and OB discuss a quick update on ‘The Ronin Game,’ and share some tips for being a better student. OB divulges the best free marketing strategy that he has used in his gyms to get more clients in the doors. Smitty talks about the critical strategies you need to help your morning training sessions be safe and effective and how training in the morning is different than training at night. Finally, the episode finishes with a powerful message about cutting people out of your life. TIMESTAMPS [0:00] INTRO [3:00] Updates on “The Ronin Game” [8:15] Tips for Being a “Better Student” [18:35] The Single Best Marketing Strategy [29:25] Critical Tips If You Train In The Morning [34:45] Should You Load The Spine In The Morning? [35:20] How to Train If You Have Pain or Injury [39:00] Ways to Make Morning Sessions More Effective [41:47] The Problem With Cutting People Out of Your Life

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