Becky Lynch Gets Honest About Charlotte Flair Relationship


Irish wrestler Becky Lynch has made quite a name for herself in WWE over the years. She’s collected several championship titles and faced off against some worthy opponents, including fellow champ Charlotte Flair. But her relationship with Flair in particular has been filled with ups and downs in recent years.

While the two wrestlers have faced off as both allies and rivals in the past, they had a falling out after a 2021 fight where Flair seemingly went off script during a SmackDown fight. Lynch told her side of the story in her new memoir Becky Lynch, The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, claiming that Flair, the daughter of WWE legend Ric Flair, purposely went off script, prompting Lynch to yell at her backstage in front of Vince McMahon

TMZ caught up with Lynch, who married WWE stalwart Seth Rollins in 2021, following the book’s release. The Man explained that while she might have had a rough patch with Flair, it’s all water under the bridge now. 

“She’s been a huge part of my journey in every capacity and such an important part as best friends then as enemies and a fallout,” she explained of the road to their feud. “I talk about that [in the book] from my perspective. Also, the undercurrent of all of it is love, right? Because it’s always the people that you love the most that maybe hurt you the most and I know I’ve hurt her, and it’s been reciprocal.” 

“I think when you can come back from all of that, that’s a special thing,” she added. 

Flair, meanwhile, is currently recovering from a nasty ACL, MCL, and meniscus injury sustained during a SmackDown fight in December 2023. It would certainly be a full-circle moment for Lynch and Flair to take the ring together once again after Flair is back in fighting shape. 

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