Bald Guys Are Flocking to This $40 Head Shaver Because It ‘Makes Cutting Quick, Easy, and Comfortable’


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It’s easy to joke about “how much easier” grooming becomes once guys hit the bald stage of life, but that’s not even close to the truth. Many guys choose to go the shaved head route to keep things looking clean, but it requires a couple of hours in front of the mirror throughout the week, and, unfortunately, is a never-ending process. Thankfully, electric head shavers have become far more advanced, offering a quick fix to weekly shaves, and right now, one of Amazon’s top models is nearly half off.

The Wyklaus Head Shaver 7D is currently on sale for as low as $40 when you include the 20% off on-page coupon, which is a 46% total discount on the original price of $74. This head shaver is a favorite among Amazon shoppers, who have given it nearly 5,800 five-star ratings. It’s been purchased nearly 3,000 times in the last month across each of its four colors. While all available colors are discounted, only the blue is offered with the additional coupon. 

Wyklaus Head Shaver 7D in Blue, $40 (was $74) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

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The Wyklaus Head Shaver 7D is a cordless, rechargeable rotary-style shaver with a large digital display and an ergonomic, palm-friendly grip that makes handling comfortable. It features seven individual double-blade cutter heads that broaden the shaving area, reducing the time it would normally take to double back over missed spots. It’s completely waterproof and can go over shaving cream, be rinsed right under the faucet, and even be used in the shower. It has all the features that go into a great head shaver, especially its travel lock, which will prevent it from accidentally going off inside luggage.

Though this head shaver is a complete package, it’s worth noting that it won’t work well if the hair is too long to start. Head shavers are most effective when used on a five to eleven o’clock shadow (thick stubble), or used right after an electric trimmer. If the hair is too long, it’ll feel like it’s being ripped out by the cutter heads instead of the smooth-cutting experience it’s been designed to provide. 

Wyklaus Head Shaver 7D in Black, $50 (was $74) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

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Shoppers have raved about the Wyklaus head shaver for many reasons, most notably because it’s easy to clean, comfortable to use, and works like a charm. “This is a tool I use every day,” a shopper said. “This razor makes it super easy to maintain a clean look in about three to five minutes each morning… I’ve used it in the shower, dry, with shaving cream, and without.” They also made it a point to note how easy it is to detach the head and clean it under running water.

The battery life is another aspect shoppers have loved about this head shaver. “I rank this device among the top 10 best purchases I have ever made,” another shopper admitted. “The arched seven-head blade module system makes cutting quick, easy, and comfortable. Between-charge battery life is outstanding, and the percent-remaining display is an excellent feature. I shave daily without any pre- or post-shave lotion with no discomfort or chafing.”

Bald guys: If you haven’t discovered the glory of electric head shaving yet, now is your chance to do so with the Wyklaus Head Shaver 7D. Now on sale for as low as $40, this little tool will make your weekly head-shaving efforts a breeze and will revolutionize the way you groom when traveling. We’re not expecting this to sell out, but it’s hard to say how long that extra coupon will last, so grab one today and enjoy how simple shaving your head can be.

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