Adidas’ Iconic Slides That Shoppers Say Are ‘Like Walking on Fluffy Clouds’ Are 50% Off and Going Fast


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To call Adidas’ famous Adilette slides a shower shoe would be accurate, but reductive. They also make excellent beach shoes, and the contoured footbed makes them ideal for wearing around the house on cold hardwood floors. In fact, with all due respect to the many fine slippers on offer, the Adilette might be the best house shoe on the market.

Running between $30 and $40, Adidas’ Adilette Slide is somewhat pricey for a pair of slides. But now, Amazon has this classic shoe for just $15 in a range of colors, and white on black is available in most sizes. It’s also the no. 1 bestseller in men’s sandals and slides right now. Like many slippers and slides, the Adilette does not come in half sizes, so those whose feet fall in between will likely want to size up. 

Adidas Adilette Shower Slides Sandal, $15 (was $30) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon


The Adilette is not only the most recognizable iteration of a shower slide but also the first. Adidas founder Adi Dassler developed a shoe for the German national soccer team during the 1970 World Cup, as the players needed a practical option for post-game showers. As anyone who has used a communal gym shower can tell you, having a pair of slides is essential.

The Adilette is also popular for around-the-house wear, because they have a more supportive, molded footbed than the average flip-flop, and they can be easily worn year-round, unlike many slippers. The shoes are made from slightly cushioned EVA foam that dries quickly, while the sole has enough traction for secure footing on wet floors. Plus, the simple look of the Adilette slide means they can be worn out of the house, too. They’re maybe not the right shoe for a nice dinner, but they’re well suited to running errands or a warm-weather park hang.

Shoppers appreciated the slides as an alternative to a slipper, with one calling them “awesome house shoes” and “extremely comfortable.” “These are the best sliding slippers that you can buy,” another shopper wrote. “It’s like walking on fluffy clouds.”

They’ve created many loyal customers, too. “I have been wearing Adidas sandals as my universal house shoes on/off for around 20 years,” one shopper wrote. “I have tried at least three other brands/types/styles and I always end up coming back to Adidas.”

Shoppers also called them a go-to style for gym showers, with one writing, “They are perfect for tossing in your bag as they are lightweight.” One gymgoer wrote, “If you’re looking for a gym shower sandal, this is the one,” adding, “There’re little to no materials which absorb and hold water, so they dry quickly.”

Adidas’ classic slides are cushioned and built to last, and at just $15, they’re a no-brainer, whether you’re a gym rat or you just want a comfortable all-day shoe. 

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