17 Best Distilleries in the U.S.


It’s a good time to be a whiskey drinker in America. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bourbon or rye, or seeking something more experimental, there are plenty of options. What’s more, the range and quality of whiskey you can try are constantly expanding. Distillery tours are turning into a way for whiskey makers to educate the public in terms of what they do while showing off some of their history. There are tons of distilleries in the U.S. (almost 2,000 and counting)—and many have exciting tours, elaborate tasting rooms, and other unique experiences. The best part? No matter where you live in the continental U.S., there’s a decent chance there’s at least one of the best distilleries within driving distance (just remember to have a designated driver and drive responsibly).

We love a good road trip. Even if it’s a simple day trip to a notable historical landmark, national park, or even a giant chair or ball of twine. But, if you plan to take an epic road trip this spring, summer, or any time of year for that matter, there are distilleries scattered across the country you shouldn’t miss—from Kentucky to an island in the Atlantic to spaces found high in the mountains.

The best We’re talking about historic staples as well as new, innovative upstarts. From St. Augustine to Seattle, America is filled with whiskey destinations. Keep scrolling to see 17 of the best, can’t miss whiskey distilleries.

Buffalo Trace Distillery (Frankfort, Kentucky) Whiskey distilleriesCourtesy image 1. Buffalo Trace Distillery (Frankfort, Kentucky)

There are few whiskey distilleries as beloved as Buffalo Trace. If you were to ask rabid bourbon fans about the one whiskey distillery they’d most like to visit, you’ll hear a lot of drinkers shouting “Buffalo Trace” at the top of their lungs. Makers of beloved brands like George T. Stagg, Eagle Rare, and E.H. Taylor, Buffalo Trace has a variety of tours, including an arboretum and botanical gardens tour, a ghost tour, and, oh yeah, one around the technical aspects of producing bourbon.

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